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CREAM DAY NUTRITION 50 ml with honey, pollen and propolis (activates the processes of metabolism at the cellular level, contains the natural source of the beloved vitamin of our skin – E, youth and freshness)
CREAM DAY MOISTURIZING 50 ml with pollen, propolis, and chitosan (keeps moisture in the skin)
NIGHT NIGHT CREAM with pollen and honey, wax, white rose oil, chamomile oil (saturates the skin with essential nutrients and relieves stress accumulated over a day)
Foam cleansing for face Tentorium 170 ml of honey and propolis (gentle care, nutrition, and hydration)
CREAM for the wax with royal jelly and extracts of horse chestnut, cucumber, fucus, propolis Tentorium 7 ml (the richest natural complex of minerals and amino acids that can give freshness and elasticity to the most delicate skin, reduces dark circles, effectively removes puffiness and swelling of the eyelids)
Foam cleansing for face 170 ml Tentorium with honey and propolis (nourishes, moisturizes and protects from irritation)
TONIC REFRESHING 200 ml with propolis honey, lemon, orange, tangerine, apple, strawberry (feeling fresh and comfortable)
BALSAM for TUBE Tentorium 10 ml with vaseline oil, wax, glycerin, vitamin E, vitamin A, Shea butter, honey, propolis and bee fire extract (anti-inflammatory antibacterial, antiviral action, including in the case of the herpes virus, relieves irritation)
CREAM-SCRUB for the face with propolis particles, seaweed and shea butter (the product of microscopic algae, like a sponge, absorbs all dirt from the surface of the skin, the skin is even, shining)
CREAM-MASK cleansing with kaolin, honey, wax, propolis, sunflower oil, shea butter (helps the skin to relax and rest, while simulating contours of the face oval)

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