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/ New items / Wellness program F25 Activation

Wellness program F25 Activation

Wellness program F25 Activation

New program F25 consists of four unique products, which are not represented separately in the company’s assortment. You will find in this program 12 the most effective gifts of nature: bee venom, pollen, bee bread, propolis, shilajit, chitosan, honey, royal jelly, beeswax and etc.
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Wellness program F25 Activation

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WELLNESS Program F-25 Activation Tentorium


It’s a life style, based on optimal combination of physical and spiritual health.

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One can say that this is

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natural lifestyle

It includes

Moderate physical activities

Proper nutrition

Refusal of bad habits

Life in rhythm with nature

And what could be more useful and more correct than using unique gifts of nature in food?

WELLNESS program F25 Activation Tentorium

is the quintessence of the most useful, effective and natural, those, what only the nature and the Tentorium company are able to give You

f25   Wellness program F25 Activation

WELLNESS program F25 Activation Tentorium: content

The dragee TENTORIUM-BASIS (280 g)

The honey blend TENTORIUM-ENERGY (280 g)

The balm TENTORIUM-ADAPTIVE (200 ml)

The cream TENTORIUM-RELAX (100 ml)

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Combination of these four natural components – is the result of 25 years of painstaking efforts of the Tentorium company, the last three years of which it worked together with a group of scientists of the Ugra boarding college of the Olympic reserve (YUKIOR KhMAO).

The body of every person – is a dormant volcano, which hides the incredible spontaneous natural strength and power. You just have to activate it – to awaken what is laid down by nature.

And then you will certainly be able to realize all your most courageous dreams – make a career, to realize yourself in creativity, to give birth to healthy children and just learn to enjoy every minute of life!

Awaken your internal volcano with help of the Wellness program F25 ACTIVATION!

WELLNESS program F25 Activation: indications for application

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Notable, that this health program is suitable for everybody and everyone

for preschool children – at this age is necessary to strengthen as much as possible the child’s immune system, which will guarantee them a long, healthy and happy life

for school children – the children of school age, more than ever, suffer from physical and emotional overload, their body needs additional support

for young people – this category of people – is the guarantee of healthy life of the future generations, because health of nation in future depends on their health

for middle-aged people – they actively create, manage, produce, in a word, act for the good of the country, and therefore their shoulders must be strong and hardy

for elderly people – healthy lifestyle WELLNESS in old age will help maintain mental clarity and physical activity, and the older generation will happily give their experience and their wisdom to future generations

WELLNESS program F25 Activation Tentorium will turn You into quite another person just for 30 days. Proven!

WELLNESS program F25 Activation Tentorium: properties

It reveals powerful natural potential of each organism

improves all metabolic processes

strengthens the immune system

activates protective functions

helps to train stress resistance

makes it possible to clearly perceive the surrounding reality

gives inner harmony, a sense of peace and happiness!

Very soon all this will be the norm of Your life.

After all, the efficiency of the new product Tentoriumprogram WELLNESS F25 Activation is proven not only by consumers, but also by the company’s research and YUKIOR.

1. The dragee TENTORIUM-BASIS ingredients

cedar nut



propolis extract


The dragee TENTORIUM-BASIS properties

It significantly improves all the metabolic processes in your organism.

The dragee TENTORIUM-BASIS instruction for use

To take by 1 tea spoon of the dragee in the morning and in the evening.

2. The honey blend TENTORIUM-ENERGY ingredients


bee bread

royal jelly

The honey blend TENTORIUM-ENERGY properties

Repeatedly increases stress resistance of your body, making it almost impervious to both emotional and physical stress.

The honey blend TENTORIUM-ENERGY instruction for use

To take honey blend by 1 tea spoon in the morning.

3. The balm TENTORIUM-ADAPTIVE ingredients



eleutherococcus extract

prepared water

The balm TENTORIUM-ADAPTIVE properties

Activates all the body’s defenses.

The balm TENTORIUM-ADAPTIVE instruction for use

To take the balm by 1 tea spoon in the morning.

4. The cream TENTORIUM-RELAX properties

propolis extract

siberian fir extract

bee venom


horseradish extract

The cream TENTORIUM-RELAX properties

Helps organism to activate the regenerative processes, relaxes and gives feeling of peace.

The cream TENTORIUM-RELAX instruction for use

To apply as a massage cream in the evenings.


We invite those, who wants to improve significantly his/her health, to join the free wellness program for adults and children.

This unique system of recovery includes

qualitative change in nutrition
harmonious implementation of feasible physical activities in life
acquaintanceship with the live products Tentorium
and, if necessary, carrying out antiparasitic cleaning

You may previously look through the lessons plan!

See you!

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