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DRAGEE / MONO DRAGEE / Wax moth larvae extract Formula Ra 300 g

Wax moth larvae extract Formula Ra 300 g

Wax moth larvae extract Formula Ra 300 g

The Formula Ra dragee-balm from Tentorium cleans vessels and protects bronchi thanks to content of wax moth larvae extract.
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Wax moth larvae extract Formula Ra

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Weight: 300 g

формула ра 300 Wax moth larvae extract Formula Ra 300 g

Formula Ra dragee: ingredients

wax moth larvae extract processed by cryogenic technology,

honey of high quality

bee pollen


microspherical sugar-wax shell

формула ра 300 2 Wax moth larvae extract Formula Ra 300 g

Wax moth – is a small grey and seemingly unremarkable insect, but its functions are very significant. A wax moth larva feeds upon beeswax. Thanks to their digestive enzymes they are only ones, who able to ferment wax.

пчелиная огневка Wax moth larvae extract Formula Ra 300 g

However, many viruses and bacteria have a protective sheath, similar in structure with beeswax. That’s why wax moth larvae extract is of so great value in folk medicine since old times.

The wax moth, by the way, is able to cure even tuberculosis! More details HERE

Tentorium video

More information about wax moth larvae you may get from this video

Formula Ra dragee: properties

Thanks to applying the dragee which contains this amazing extract it’s possible to get rid of infertility and cardiovascular diseases. The wax moth larvae in content of the Formula Ra dragee Tentorium are also an excellent preventive tool in the treatment of tuberculosis, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

The dragee normalizes blood pressure.

Eliminates beriberi, saturating the body with all the necessary vitamins, trace elements and minerals.

Strengthens the immunity.

Helps to get rid of tuberculosis in complex treatment.

Restores the body after surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Activates sperm motility.

Moreover, the Formula Ra dragee Tentorium is recommended as a vitamin complex for pregnant women and the elderly. The Formula Ra dragee significantly increases its properties if taken in combination with other products of Tentorium company.

формула ра композиция Wax moth larvae extract Formula Ra 300 g

Formula Ra dragee: instruction for use

Children from 14 y.o. and adults should dissolve the dragee under the tongue in amount of 1 teaspoon twice a day in a half an hour before meals – in the morning and evening.

For children:

From 3 to 5 y.o. – 1/4 of teaspoon

From 5 to 8 y.o. – 1/3 of teaspoon

From 8 to 14 y.o. – 1/2 of teaspoon

Formula Ra dragee: contraindications

Idiosyncrasy of the product components.


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See you!

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