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/ BeeActive / Candle wax Tentorium

Candle wax Tentorium

Candle wax Tentorium

Tentorium wax candle
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Candle wax Tentorium

Quantity: 3 pieceslarge 0a758e1bb7ac5d1654a4c174d5a42773 Candle wax Tentorium

A natural wax candle A candlelight Tentorium will give your home not only warmth, mystery, magic, cleansing but also fresh honey air that will fill your body with health and vivacity!

gyertya Candle wax Tentorium

Wax candles Tentorium composition

beeswax – wax Tentorium,

Wax Candle Tentorium Properties

The fact is that beeswax, from which the wax candles are composed, has a pronounced antimicrobial property.

Tentorium video

Interesting video about how to make honey in the home

Burning a wax candle will delight sight, smell, and also help get rid of colds and strengthen immunity.

If you regularly chew such a candle, then it will help to cope with diseases of the oral cavity. And if you swallow a piece of wax after chewing, then with it you can get rid of toxins and toxins in the body.

When coughing, you can make applications from the melted Wax candle Tentorium to the place where the organs of the broncho-pulmonary system are located. After a while, you will certainly feel comfortable warmth and freedom from illness – Tentorium candles

81183478 large 8 Candle wax Tentorium

Let the Tentorium Wax candles become not only an ornament of your interior but also a true companion of your health!


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