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Dragee Tentorium Sorbus - A special variety of mountain ash for the treatment of hypertension and natural honey syrup
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сорбус Sorbus

Dragee Sorbus Tentorium composition

fruits of mountain ash Sorbus
silver-ionized syrup
high-quality honey
microsphere wax casing

Rowan Sorbus (from the Latin word “Sorbus” – absorb moisture) is an ancient healing plant.

His berries our ancestors cleaned blood and intestines, and also strengthened immunity.

And it’s not surprising that long ago ripe berries of mountain ash mixed with honey – it’s tastier and more useful!

The company Tentorium took as a basis this ancient way of getting rid of its ailments and created Sorbus pellets – a natural source of vitamins, organic acids, and polysaccharides.

The microspherical wax shell, which is covered with each pellet, helps to preserve all the useful properties of the product and extend its shelf life.

Dragee Sorbus useful properties

320px Sorbus aucuparia 01   Orange Sorbus

Strengthens the walls of blood vessels
Prevents the development of sclerosis
strengthens the heart
Cleans blood
Improves cerebral blood flow
Lowers blood cholesterol level
Normalizes the pressure

Dragee Sorbus indications for use

With beriberi
With anemia
With cardiovascular diseases
With inflammation of the upper respiratory tract
In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
With weak immunity
When recovering from injuries and surgeries – Tentorium after surgery

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  • Тина, 10.11.2014 17:21

    Пью драже Сорбус курсами постоянно. Очень нравится подъем сил и, конечно, вкус. Вся продукция Тенториум очень приятная )) Моя бабушка любит его за противогипертонические свойства.

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