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/ CREAMS / Skin healing cream Chilidonia

Skin healing cream Chilidonia

Skin healing cream Chilidonia

The Chilidonia cream with pine pitch deserves to become your lifesaver at any skin problems. If there are fungal diseases, eczemas, irritations or mechanical injuries of the skin, Chilidonia will quickly and efficiently solve your skin defects as it's created exclusively of the natural ingredients.
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Skin healing cream Chilidonia

Weight: 50 g

Chilidonia cream Tentorium: ingredients

DSC 0097 1024x695 Skin healing cream Chilidonia

vegetable oil
pine pitch
propolis extract

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The Chilidonia skin healing cream Tentorium is created exclusively of the natural components, what makes it the natural healer for our skin
Its effect, in the first turn, is directed to treatment and prevention of various diseases of skin

Beekeeping products are known for their regenerative, cleansing and softening properties
Exactly such components are contained in the Chilidonia cream Tentorium

Propolis, which is contained in the Chilidonia skin healing cream, is unique, because of its being the natural antibiotic, which doesn’t break the body’s microflora and causes no side effects

DSC 0105 1024x685 Skin healing cream ChilidoniaPropolis – is one of the essential ingredients of the Chilidonia skin healing cream Tentorium
Propolis is beeswax, the glue, produced by bees from different resins of trees to protect their dwellings

Propolis can be safely applied in following cases

back pains
during pregnancy
an aqueous solution of propolis in gynecology
for children
in the treatment of throat
in the treatment of prostatitis
for colds
a cough
when tinnitus
disorders of the thyroid gland
an aqueous solution of propolis is widely used for eyes – more information read HERE

Beeswax – is the basis of the Chilidonia skin healing cream Tentorium
When the working bee reaches 12 days age it stops to produce the royal jelly and starts to make not less necessary and useful substance – beeswax

Beeswax has a wide range of applications

92 Skin healing cream Chilidonia

The medicinal properties of beeswax

is able to soften and warm the body tissues
to reduce inflammation and to heal wounds
beeswax is useful during pregnancy

Beeswax and propolis complement the healing properties of each other, both, in their natural state, they can be found in bee zabrus

Beeswax plays not the last role in cosmetology
Beeswax is applied for face, for rejuvenating skin of the whole body
Beeswax helps at stretch marks

MielCristalizada 1024x768 Skin healing cream Chilidonia

One more healing and the most popular beekeeping product, which is contained in the Chilidonia skin healing cream Tentorium is honey

Honey is antibacterial, antifungal natural preservative
It contains glucose, fructose, sucrose, vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, K, C, provitamin A-carotene, folic acid

Honey beneficial properties

It suppresses acid gastric disorders, as the honey does not cause fermentation
It saturates the body with calcium and phosphorus, that lets to reduce muscle spasms
It saturates the body with iron and copper, which leads to normalization of hemoglobin level
It is an antifungal agent, which kills microbial infections, what promotes rapid healing of wounds
It reduces the level of triglycerides, which leads to cardiovascular diseases
Honey is widely applied in cosmetology
Honey is also applied for face, the facial masks with honey are effective, as well as the honey is good for hair

The healing properties of honey are fully manifested in the constant use of honey water

Tentorium video

Pine pitch – is one more necessary component of the Chilidonia skin healing cream Tentorium, which protects our skin from the impact of harmful microorganisms
Pine pitch also saturates the skin with a whole complex of vitamins and has powerful absorbable properties
It has long been used in the treatment of skin inflammations, such as furuncles
The vegetable oil, contained in Chilidonia cream Tentorium, perfectly moisturizes the skin, and beeswax helps it to retain moisture

Chilidonia cream Tentorium: propertiesчилидония тенториум живица сосновая Skin healing cream Chilidonia

exfoliates gently the dead skin cells
activates the processes of skin regeneration
reduces inflammations
protects against disease germs
relieves pain

The skin healing cream Chilidonia Tentorium is also effective in the treatment of fungal infections and burns
The application area of the Chilidonia cream Tentorium is very wide

Chilidonia cream Tentorium: instruction for use

Application of the Chilidonia skin healing cream Tentorium is an important part of a focused and comprehensive treatment of skin eczema, neurodermatitis, and psoriasis
One should not forget that to heal such diseases  the body is to be cleaned in first turn, namely the digestive tract, liver, blood 

The Chilidonia cream Tentorium significantly accelerates the process of cleansing the skin, through which all the wastes and toxins should be output in cleansing of the body
For the treatment of fungal diseases, the Chilidonia cream Tentorium is applied on problem areas twice a day until they are completely healed
And, of course, one should not forget about the general state of the organism, therefore it’s very effective to combine the Chilidonia skin healing cream Tentorium with the intake of the A-P-V preparation

DSC012181 1024x680 Skin healing cream Chilidonia

The Extra-Befungin dragee will be also effective in the given case
Applications of the Chilidonia cream Tentorium well help at frostbites of the skin, as well as when skin cracks and trophic ulcers
In case of skin burn, the cream should be applied to the affected area as soon as possible

Then the cream should be applied again depending on the extent of absorption. And thus for two hours
These emergency measures will relieve you of pain and burn marks
The Chilidonia skin healing cream also copes well with warts and papillomas
With this purpose, it should be applied to the affected area and covered with a clean cloth or gauze

The cream may be used as an alternative to toothpaste
Thus, you will prevent many diseases of the teeth and gums
If the gums are already affected the applications with the Chilidonia cream will be helpful
Due to this unique cream, the simplest home face cleansing may turn into effective salon procedure
Just steam out face and rub the cream into problematic (oily, acne-covered) areas
Leave this mask on face for few hours
It may be left for the whole night if the skin is not so sensitive
Do this procedure weekly and you will forget about the skin problems!

The Chilidonia skin healing cream Tentorium is able to deliver you from cervical erosion if you will regularly make applications
However, such procedures should be carried out only after a thorough gynecological examination
In cases of excessive sweating, the Chilidonia cream may successfully substitute your usual chemical deodorant, which usually clogs the pores
The cream will soften and soothe the most sensitive skin
And, of course, it will eliminate the smell of sweat
The same goes for sweating of the feet
Just smear the area between toes by the Chilidonia cream

For those who are deprived of all these ailments, the Chilidonia skin healing cream of the Tentorium company may become an indispensable aid in fight for beauty and youth
Because it is a unique cosmetic product


Do not apply the Chilidonia cream on moist skin areas
It is necessary previously to dry the problematic areas

Skin healing cream Chilidonia Tentorium: contraindications

The cream is not recommended at idiosyncrasy of the product’s components

Before application of the Chilidonia skin healing cream Tentorium, it is recommended to make a small test for skin sensitivity
Simply apply a small amount of cream in the crook of the elbow, on its inner area and hold for a few hours. If there is no response, the cream can be used without fear
In case of itching or redness, it is best to dilute the Chilidonia cream Tentorium with boiled unrefined vegetable oil in even proportions, such as 1: 2 or 1: 4

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Chilidoniya Skin healing cream Chilidonia

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Comments (7)

  • Den’kinA, 06.07.2013 17:57

    How I’ve got acquainted with the Tentorium company? That’s thanks to my Mom! She had subscribed some time, and was inspired to distribute the products, but as the result she started to take them for all the family with discount.
    The Chilidonia cream was one I liked particularly. I massage head and it helps to eliminate migraine. Once I’ve cured with its help the inflamed gum and tooth, aching among the night – and there was no need to run to night pharmacy.
    The cream helped to my Dad against tingling in the heart – we simply smeared this area by Chilidonia.
    It effectively heals wounds, eliminates bruises, relieves pain at injuries.
    Just don’t think that I embellish! If you don’t believe, try it yourself and then write a feedback too!

  • Sylvia, 15.08.2013 22:37

    37 I was suffering from the problematic skin covered with acne. I make a facial mask with the Chilidonia cream right for the whole night – was so afraid for the first time to leave it for so long time – and I wake up beautiful in the morning!
    And I also smear the dry hands in cold time – it helps good. Tried to make massage with it – and I liked!

  • JuliaMamochka, 30.08.2013 23:06

    Chilidonia – is a magic wand for people with skin diseases. I apply it as a night cream, usually after the bathroom and wait about an hour until it absorbs and then go to sleep!
    If Chilidonia is applied regularly, it’s quite possible to get rid of skin problems, such as acne, pimples, rashes. Once I’ve applied it on inflamed gums – and all the pain was gone soon.
    Content of the cream: pine pitch, beeswax, propolis extract, natural honey.

  • Svetlana Kanishevskaya, 13.09.2013 13:37

    You just don’t think that I have profit from advertisement. I write this feedback because, and that’s true, I use Tentorium products for a long time. Since childhood I am afraid of doctors and injections, and when I have grown up – I realized what a disgust are all these tablets. For many years I am treated by naturopathy, by the same honey.
    And I treat my guys the same way, they don’t know with me who are those doctors and what are injections – I’ve done my best. Tentorium have solved my numerous problems – you need not care, the optimal natural formula is already composed by the professionals.
    All the family likes Chilidonia, though irritated with its smell. I smear the snotty noses, knees, bruised elbows. I’ve cured my atopic dermatitis – just regularly applying the Chilidonia cream.

  • lenusik123456, 18.09.2013 14:59

    I smear by the Chilidonia cream everything on earth – chapped lips, sores, cuts, bruises… And even a nasty herpes! All the troubles are melting right before the eyes.
    And I always cure cough with the hot milk – like my mother had taught me in childhood. Now I add a little bit of this cream there. It seems to me the effect is much better, than that of usual milk.
    I warm my kid’s back by massage with Chilidonia and the cough recedes. Smear the nose and we forget about snots.

  • Boris, 23.07.2014 17:31

    I am a person of working professions. Due to the work my hands are constantly in cuts and scratches. And this ointment – Chilidonia always helps me. At night the wife treats my hands with Chilidonia, and in the morning they are completely healed .

  • Tina Konovalova, 23.07.2014 17:36

    I like this cream very much, as well as the Tentorium cream – these are my 2 favorite creams. Once, my friend came to my office and he had a large red and swollen spot on his hand, probably the bite of some taint. I handed him the Chilidonia cream, which is always with me, and while we were talking, his swelling vanished without a trace, just some little spot left as a reminder. My friend left, being pleasantly surprised by such a rapid effect.

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