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/ Товар дня / Shilajit extract Assil

Shilajit extract Assil

Shilajit extract Assil

The Assil balm Tentorium is the natural extract with mysterious shilajit and eleutherococcus – the well-known healer. Assil is created for fast recovery of your gastro-intestinal tract, urogenital system, to stop the inflammatory processes, including all the kinds of common colds.
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Shilajit extract Assil balm Tentorium

Volume: 100 ml

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The concentrate for preparation of drinks Assil: ingredients

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eleutherococcus extract

You may find shilajit, which is sold in pure form or in form of the tablets, but it’s more pleasant, tasty and definitely effective to use it as an extract, such as the Assil balm Tentorium

The Assil extract Tentorium saves not only the color and flavor of this unique substance, but also its useful properties

What is shilajit?

This is the natural substance – mountain resin which is collected in the cracks of rocks

Its content includes various natural compounds comprising amino acids, vitamins,

minerals, oils, micronutrients

Shilajit  is mined in the mountains of Central Asia – the wise people of the East enjoyed

the unique healing properties of this gift of nature since ancient times

Shilajit properties

boosts the immune system, saturating the body with essential macro and micro elements

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is used at ulcer, ulcerative colitis

helps with diseases of the thyroid gland

is recommended during pregnancy

is widely used for cosmetic purposes: for making facial and hair masks, as well as an ointment, which is applied against stretch marks

Tentorium video

Learn more about shilajit and its health benefits from this video

One more, not less important component, included into the content of the Assil extract Tentorium, is an eleutherococcus – ancient and well-known healer

Eleutherococcus extract properties

increases endurance
stimulates activity of the organism
increases vitality
strengthens the immune system and the whole body
increases blood hemoglobin
makes the body resistant to many unfavorable factors

Moreover, eleutherococcus 

significantly increases sexual desire
restores male potency
eliminates the chronic diseases of the genital organs

The extract of this amazing plant is also a reliable preventive tool for all the above-mentioned men’s ailments

Eleutherococcus also is helpful for women during the uneasy for their organism period of menopause

101nLjH Shilajit extract Assil

Shilajit extract with eleutherococcus Assil balm: properties

improves brain function
strengthens the nervous system
relieves depression and apathy
establishes metabolism
significantly lowers the level of blood sugar
successfully struggles with high and low pressure
with cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis
is effective in skin diseases and problems with hair

Assil balm Tentorium: indications for application

gastrointestinal diseases, including gastric and duodenal ulcers
liver diseases
allergic diseases, including asthma
diseases of the genitourinary system at men and women
infectious diseases
fungal diseases
stops inflammatory processes
as well as all kinds of colds, runny nose, cough
heals wounds of varying degrees of difficulty
promotes rapid accretion of bones at fractures

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Assil balm Tentorium: instruction for use

The concentrate should be taken by one teaspoon per day

Assil balm Tentorium may be added to any drink, except coffee

It’s very tasty to add it to coffee with propolis

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We invite those, who wants to improve significantly his/her health, to join the free wellness program for adults and children

This unique system of recovery includes

qualitative change in nutrition
harmonious implementation of feasible physical activities in life
acquaintanceship with the live products Tentorium
and, if necessary, carrying out antiparasitic cleaning

You may previously look through the lessons plan!

See you!

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Assil Shilajit extract Assil

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Comments (4)

  • Alena, 15.10.2013 15:08

    I like this balm.
    Few years ago it helped me to give up coffee.
    Now I necessarily drink it every quarter.
    It is also useful for me because of my having hypotension,
    Tasty and useful – it’s the best combination.
    Thanks Tentorium!

  • Yaroslav, 31.05.2014 17:44

    Hello to anyone suffering! I am writing in despair, as I have severe hypertension at presence a serious addiction to coffee. That’s decided to rectify this situation, since the doctors strictly put me on medicines. I came across Tentorium products by accident, I have never bought them before. I want to address with question to Lena Melnik and to Alena: how the Tentorium products can help to give up coffee and to normalize the blood pressure? Will it be enough to use just the drink Assil or maybe to apply also something else?

    • , 01.06.2014 01:07

      Yaroslav, start with the Assil balm and also pay attention to the Tentorium plus dragee and Api Spira, as they also deprive of dependence due to the high content of pollen, which has lot of endorphin. It is known as the hormone of happiness and joy.

  • Maria Nikolaevna, 04.07.2014 11:49

    Dear friends! I want to share with you my experience. All my life I was the healthy woman, until I was 50 years old. And all it started – one system began to fail, then another etc. I endlessly visited clinics and doctors, swallowed pharmacy products by packs. The treatment took much time, money and strength and had no result, well if it was without changes, but it became even worst. I melted before the very eyes. The more I was treated, the more sick I became, as it is paradoxical. I was offered the methods of untraditional medicine – various homeopathy, food supplements, but I refused, considering that all these preparations would not help. Until I’ve got acquainted once to the Tentorium products. And everything started exactly with this extract – Assil. The jar of it was not empty yet as I felt myself better. My stomach uclers immediately begin to recover, and following it the pancreas didn’t disturb so much. Later I’ve purchased the whole course of health support, and of course, revised my diet, not without it. All in general – gave me an excellent result! I can’t say, that I recovered completely, on 100%, but now I can live without medicines and not only to be alive, but also to become healthy. The light finally appeared in my tunnel. Thanks, Tentorium, that you give the future!!! And it’s the healthy future…

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