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Propolis ointment Apibalm 2

Propolis ointment Apibalm 2

What ointment can be stronger in skin diseases than Apibalm 1, based on propolis and vegetable oil? Only Apibalm 2, where propolis and honey are combined and dissolved in tallow oil (drawn butter) – an ideal remedy not only for skin diseases, but also for broncho-pulmonary diseases, such as bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis.
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Propolis ointment Apibalm 2

Weight: 50 g

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Propolis ointment Apibalm 2: ingredients

tallow oil (drawn butter)
high-quality propolis

There are just four components in content of this balm, but their combination confers Apibalm 2 plenty of healing properties

The essential ingredient of Apibalm 2 – is propolis

Propolis – is a beeswax, a glue, which the bees make of different resins of trees to protect their homes
Propolis, which is a part of Apibalm 2 Tentorium, is unique because it’s a natural antibiotic, which doesn’t disturb the microflora of the organism and does not cause side effects

Propolis properties

Прополис на сливочном масле 1024x680 Propolis ointment Apibalm 2

Propolis is successfully used in treatment of

back pains
during pregnancy
an aqueous solution of propolis in gynecology
for children
a sore throat
for colds
a cough
when tinnitus
in disorders of the thyroid gland
the aqueous solution of propolis is widely used for eyes – more information read HERE

Accordingly, propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium based on propolis is also recommended to apply in the above-listed cases

More details about properties of propolis, as well as about its application, chemical content, health benefits, use in treatment, contraindications and about whether propolis is applicable at ulcerative colitis and gastric ulcer, you may read HERE 

Propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium: properties

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That’s why the content of Apibalm 2 Tentorium includes propolis, and in combination with tallow oil it turns into the unique healing ointment, which is applied to various disorders in organism

And for skin diseases, it is simply irreplaceable!

But the biggest advantage of propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium is its healing power for broncho-pulmonary system of human because the safest and effective natural antibiotic propolis in Apibalm 2 Tentorium is combined with tallow oil (drawn butter)

Unlike propolis balm, Apibalm 1  Tentorium based on vegetable oil, propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium  is ideally suitable for the treatment of bronchitis, as well as this ointment from bronchitis is recommended for children

Propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium  based on tallow oil – is irreplaceable ointment in pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculosis of the skin

Propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium  significantly exceeds turpentine ointment for asthma, it penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin, reaching the blood vessels and spreads throughout the body

Other important advantages of propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium are its healing properties for the skin

Propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium  is also applied as an emollient for dermatitis, eczema, fungal infections
In short, if you have a skin itch the ointment propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium  will certainly help you out

Propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium is also applied as an ointment for ENT-diseases, it is also suitable as an ointment for throat, insect repellent, an ointment from allergies

Suffice it to rub the propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium into diseased area of the body as in a few hours you will feel great relief

120530055218 300x257 Propolis ointment Apibalm 2

If you proceed to rub regularly the affected areas of the body with propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium, combining treatment with aqueous propolis A P V  Tentorium, your recovery will accelerate

Propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium: properties

eliminates itching
stops bleeding
actively fights with germs, inflammations, infections, fungi
effectively heals wounds
increases the immunity
strengthens the nervous system
restores the mucous membrane of organs

Апибальзам Состав 1024x680 Propolis ointment Apibalm 2

Propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium: indications for application

In the form of applications helps in skin diseases, including psoriasis and dermatitis

The applications are also beneficial for cracked nipples of nursing mothers

In the treatment of gynecological diseases, the tampons wetted with propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium are introduced into the vagina for 8-10 hours (the duration of the course is 10-14 sessions, however, before to start the treatment it’s recommended to come through examination and to consult a gynecologist)

Hemorrhoids and prostatitis are cured with the help of suppositories of propolis ointment introduced directly into the rectum

The suppositories are also effective against constipation in children

In herpes, stomatitis and oral cancers the affected places are smeared with propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium

Burns, frostbites, abrasions, bruises, wounds are also smeared with propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium

In treatment of calluses, the applications with propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium  fixed by adhesive plaster are applied

Propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium  is also effective in treatment of tonsillitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and even tuberculosis

It effectively eliminates the inflammation of the esophagus, treats stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, as well as treats infectious gastrointestinal diseases

апибальзам 2 тенториум 300x277 Propolis ointment Apibalm 2

Propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium: instruction for use

A small amount (1.3 grams) should be diluted with warm water (or milk) and taken internally in 30-40 minutes before meals

Propolis ointment Apibalm 2 Tentorium: contraindications

Is not recommended to apply at idiosyncrasy of the product’s components

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This unique system of recovery includes

qualitative change in nutrition
harmonious implementation of feasible physical activities in life
acquaintanceship with the live products Tentorium
and, if necessary, carrying out antiparasitic cleaning

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Apibalm 2 Propolis ointment Apibalm 2

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Comments (5)

  • allinushka, 09.08.2013 19:00

    Honestly, can’t help without it! It’s a pity that it is not sold in pharmacies – you cannot always immediately find the office Tentorium in another city. Once I didn’t stock the balm before the trip, so I had to run in searches!
    This balm is an irreplaceable cure of wounds in our family. We smear it even on burrs and it works! Just smear and put the bandage or a piece adhesive plaster above. Day or two and everything is all right! Previously, I applied iodine to process all children’s wounds but with Apibalm they heal three times faster.
    My wound has healed on the next day after processing by the balm from Tentorium. Tried to smear with it the mucous in the mouth cavity, in the throat, the tongue and even the genitals – all the problems just vanish!
    I like the natural origin of this balm – only propolis and badger fat. No chemicals or preservatives. So, it’s even not dangerous to smear the tongue. If you swallow it – nothing terrible will happen.
    And it may be stored for a long time because it does not contain water, thus, it may be stored in a refrigerator as well as at the room temperature.
    The balm looks like an ordinary oil, has no smell of fat, on the contrary has pleasant honey aroma.
    With pleasure I make presents with Apibalm 2 to all my acquaintances, especially to those, who have children. Since it heals wounds and doesn’t burn, the children just love it.
    This balm is my favorite among all the Tentorium products. They have also Apibalm 1 – but I don’t like it – didn’t saw any effect. And I apply Apibalm 2 already for 10 years and very glad!
    Once I tried it and immediately became a distributor of the company, but do not deal with this already for several years – just buy my favorite balm and some other products for my family.
    Great product! I recommend to all!

  • Olga Kuvshynova, 10.09.2013 16:02

    Just look what a good content has Apibalm 1: propolis, vegetable oil, honey. Entire naturalness! It is amazing that the application of such a small jar, you can stretch for a long time. The balm is recommended by manufacturers at various skin problems, wounds, abscesses.
    Myself, I was trying to treat by Apibalm the abscess on my finger, which periodically disturbed me. I usually dedicated a week for this unpleasant procedure, and even more. Now, I punctured abscess, released the pus and made a bandage for the night with Apibalm. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the morning, and in a few days the abscess vanished at all, as if it didn’t ever appear. Just a miracle!
    Rough skin on hands is also effectively treated with it!

  • JanaDajana, 18.09.2013 13:54

    My acquaintance with Apibalm 2 began with my pimply teenage years. I ran my legs off in searches of the magic potion. And it found me itself – my Mom brought.
    I applied Apibalm 2 on steamed out skin (by hot water), and covered it by warm compress – several layers of cheesecloth, necessarily moistened in warm water. Then I have laid down about 20 minutes and enjoyed.
    And then I dipped the same cheesecloth in cold water and dabbed it for 10 minutes – to refresh the skin. My acnes were cleansed perfectly well, and pimples became smaller. How many years have passed, and I am still faithful to Apibalm 2!

  • Nelly, 31.05.2014 17:02

    I also had pimples 10 years ago, and Mom treated them by Apibalm and some natural cream from Tentorium, I do not remember what… The pimples disappeared. The years have passed and I still remember this balm. Now my daughter is grown up and I notice by her skin that adolescence is approaching in her life. So, I will be buying Apibalm for her, as my Mom did for me many years ago. This way Tentorium comes from generation to generation.

  • Valeria Borisovna, 02.07.2014 00:29

    I periodically get sick with bronchitis. During last years the colds became more frequent. Once, I got to the presentation of this company. They talked a lot about the values of health, about nutrition, and from bronchitis they recommended me the course, which includes various sweet dragee and Apibalm based on butter, which I applied on the area of the chest every evening before going to sleep. I followed the recommendations and already for the second season I am not sick with bronchitis. Thanks to the manufacturers of Tentorium!

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