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Propolis hydroalcoholic extract Product 1

Propolis hydroalcoholic extract Product 1

It’s known that propolis is the most effective and safe natural antibiotic, but its properties are increased even more in 5% hydroalcoholic solution of propolis. Product 1 Tentorium is intended not only to protect your body from infections, viruses and fungi, but is also used for healing wounds, treatment of spurs, to maintain the vessels, for the treatment of diseases of the stomach.
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Propolis hydroalcoholic extract Product 1


Volume: 15 ml

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Product 1 Tentorium: ingredients

hydroalcoholic solution of propolis extract

What is propolis?

Propolis is beeswax, the glue, which is produced by bees from resins of various trees to protect their dwelling

Propolis is the natural antibiotic, which at the same time does not disturb organism’s microflora and doesn’t cause side effects in it

Propolis application

in allergies
for back pain
during pregnancy
an aqueous solution of propolis in gynecology
for children
in the treatment of throat
in the treatment of prostatitis
at colds
from cough
in disorders of the thyroid gland
aqueous solution of propolis is widely used for eyes – more information read HERE

Продукт 1 тенториум прополис пегус 1024x680 Propolis hydroalcoholic extract Product 1

Accordingly, the propolis hydroalcoholic extract Product 1 Tentorium is also recommended to apply in above-mentioned cases

The company Tentorium also offers you to try the aqueous propolis A P V  and the aqueous propolis extract Product 3  Tentorium – the mixture of fractions of A P V and Product 1 without alcohol

More details about properties of propolis, as well as about its application, chemical content, health benefits, use in treatment, contraindications and about whether propolis is appiable at ulcerative colitis and gastric ulcer, you may read HERE 

In nature it’s difficult to dissolve propolis in any extracts or liquids, but the experts of Tentorium company succeeded to make this through the experiments and thanks to modern technologies, which are used in the new Tentorium plant built in Perm’

The Tentorium company has found a revolutionary new qualitative way to clean propolis which retains its all beneficial properties, that is why the result of this purification was n

что такое прополис Propolis hydroalcoholic extract Product 1

amed Product 1

Propolis hydroalcoholic  extract Product 1 Tentorium contains vegetable gums, and a number of essential oils, and vitamins, and amino acids, and minerals

Our ancestors knew about the amazing properties of propolis, and therefore considered it a valuable healing product

Propolis hydroalcoholic  extract Product 1 Tentorium is thoroughly cleaned of impurities, the alcohol content is significantly reduced in it through the use of schungite water

That’s why propolis hydroalcoholic  extract Product 1 Pegus is the unique concentrate of all the valuable properties of natural propolis

Tentorium video

About the benefits of propolis you may learn from this video

Propolis hydroalcoholic  extract Product 1: properties

strengthens the immune system, enhancing the protective functions of the organism
activates the digestive tract
effectively fights viruses and bacteria
eliminates fungal diseases
restores hormonal background
increases appetite
relieves stress

Being applied on the skin,  propolis hydroalcoholic  extract Product 1 Pegus forms a film, which envelops a damaged area of the skin

The resulting film from Product 1 Pegus Tentorium performs protective functions, has healing anti-itching effect

Exactly due to protective film Product 1 Tentorium is recommended at any skin diseases, such as:

different cuts, wounds, scratches

Propolis hydroalcoholic extract Product 1 Tentorium has also disinfectant properties, thanks to the combination of propolis – a natural antibiotic and of alcohol – a powerful disinfectant

Therefore, Product 1 Tentorium can easily replace you brilliant green and iodine

And if to add every time a few drops of Product 1 in honey water, this water will get anti-inflammatory properties

продукт 1 тенториум прополи 1024x680 Propolis hydroalcoholic extract Product 1

If you will constantly use Product 1 Pegus Tentorium, adding a couple of drops on the brush with toothpaste before you brush your teeth, then you may expect the following pleasant surprises:

propolis hydroalcoholic extract will enhance protection of the oral cavity against harmful microorganisms
will increase local immunity of the oral cavity
will protect against paradontosis, gingivitis, stomatitis
will protect you from tooth decay and premature aging of the teeth

Product 1 Pegus Tentorium: instruction for use

To 20 drops per day in any foodstuff or drink

Product 1 Pegus Tentorium: contraindications

It’s not recommended to apply the propolis tincture at idiosyncrasy of beekeeping products


We invite those, who wants to improve significantly his/her health, to join the free wellness program for adults and children.

This unique system of recovery includes

qualitative change in nutrition
harmonious implementation of feasible physical activities in life
acquaintanceship with the live products Tentorium
and, if necessary, carrying out antiparasitic cleaning

You may previously look through the lessons plan!

See you!

If You have already tried the propolis hydroalcoholic extract Product 1 Tentorium, write your feedback about it belowfeedback Propolis hydroalcoholic extract Product 1

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About how the company Tentorium monitors the quality of its products, please read in the following article Tentorium Quality

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Comments (7)

  • Victoria090690, 05.08.2013 19:12

    Of course, everyone has heard about the benefits of propolis. But to hear – is one thing, and quite another is to experience for yourself!
    Incidentally, I read, that propolis in large quantities, if to take it internally, clogs the ducts of the liver and other vital organs.
    It is better to take an extract of it for internal use.
    I like very much Product 1 of the company Tentorium, with pleasure I apply it externally.
    It effectively kills pathogenic microbes in the oral cavity. It’s enough to take a mouthful of water and add there a few drops of Product 1.
    Rinse mouth for several minutes – the longer, the better. Propolis perfectly fights against germs, freshens breath, treats diseases of the oral cavity.
    Product 1 should not be poured into the water, otherwise you will need to remove it from the walls of the glass. Better at once in the mouth!
    Product 1 also effectively treats the problematic skin, wounds, cracks, scratches.
    Propolis like the natural antibiotic has the amazing property to adapt to changing and becoming resistant to other antibiotics germs.
    By this it is unique!

  • Sergey Lukin, 03.09.2013 19:12

    I’ve learned from the consultants of Tentorium, that propolis is a unique thing and that’s why. The bees from somewhere know what kind of virus threatens in next year, therefore in somewhat mysterious way they customize the composition of propolis under this strain of the virus. Sure, it sounds like fairy-tale and you may not believe in it, but you may also try on yourself! By the way, traditional medicine actively uses propolis for the treatment of many diseases. This is indeed the natural antibiotic – propolis.
    Personally, I use Product 1 as prevention of influenza or common cold. I drink 1/3 of the teaspoon and forget about the disease! This action has also a good effect at the very beginning of the disease.
    I use Product 1 for the treatment of wounds, skin problems, cuts. Both, disinfection and rapid healing. Everything heals like on cat!
    Be healthy you too!

  • malinkina, 17.09.2013 19:18

    Couldn’t find for a long time the suitable cosmetics until I tried the products of the company Tentorium. With pleasure I use them already for several years.
    Particularly, I’d like to tell about my lifesaver – Product 1. I drip few drops of it right into the mouth or on sugar. It is especially effective at approaching disease – if you repeat the procedure every three hours, the disease may never come!
    Such prevention is very good at pregnancy, when it is impossible to use conventional medicines. Also I smeared with it the baby’s gums at teething – he felt better and calmed down.
    I have always Product 1 with myself – who knows?

  • Sasha Belyj, 31.05.2014 20:07

    Is this indeed so unique cure? Doesn’t anyone disturbed with the fact that it’s based on alcohol? So why does your body need alcohol?

    • , 01.06.2014 01:10

      Product 1 Tentorium contains just 5% of alcohol and high concentration of the unpurified propolis. Applying it according to the scheme you won’t make harm to the body, even of a small child.
      While the benefit of it is obvious.

  • Olga Pavlovna, 05.07.2014 15:12

    I’ve bought somehow Product 1 when had ARD. In combination with their tasty dragee I quickly recovered my feet and left Product 1 in my medicine chest. About month ago I’ve come across this article about Product 1, where it was advised to add this Pegus to toothpaste. And I just always had wounds appearing from time to time on the gums. So I acted accordingly – every time added few drops on toothpaste when brushed my teeth. Few more times I did this procedure – and all just vanished – all the wounds have healed. Also, I smear by it various wounds, and all heals quickly. Here it is – the universal propolis. And against colds, and against infections, and from wounds. Thanks Tentorium that you do the safe medicines for us.

  • , 11.02.2015 16:07

    My elder son always has too dry lips. I smeared by cosmetic balm, it helped for a while. His lips cracked and bleeded. I decided to smear by Pegus to accelerate healing – after 3 days of use – the lips became fresh. I dripped directly on the lips, the son cried, that it hurted because cauterized the wounds, but soon the layer remained, which had healing effect. We are very glad!
    This product is a real first aid kit at home!

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