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/ APIBALMS / Propolis balm on herbs Khinazi

Propolis balm on herbs Khinazi

Propolis balm on herbs Khinazi

An amazing propolis balm, which contains the set of eight healing herbs, which are able to cleanse and restore the body. It has diuretic properties, strengthens the immune system, restores metabolism, stops inflammatory processes, removes toxins, salts and wastes from the body and restores the water-salt balance.
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Propolis balm on herbs Khinazi

Volume: 200 ml

The Tentorium company has an amazing balm, which contains, besides of the qualitative beekeeping products, the set of eight healing herbs, which are able to cleanse and restore the body

The Khinazi syrup is the only product of Tentorium, which has salt removing action

The Khinazi balm is also a wonderful product for improvement of functioning of the kidneys

For those people, who take care of their health regularly, the Khinazi propolis balm on herbs is permitted to use from the first day of acquaintance with the Tentorium company’ products

And for those, who just starts to follow the path of healthy eating, it is recommended to start with products, which have more soft action

For instance, the Tentorium Plus dragee or the Api Spira dragee , or the Anti stress program Tentorium or the Complete program for health Tentorium

The products Tentorium are very qualitative, pure and concentrated!

Often they begin to function as enzymes by dissolving toxins in the body

In case with the Khinazi balm Tentorium this process can be very active

That’s why in the Rehabilitation course, which consists of 3 periods by one and a half months, the Khinazi balm Tentorium is used in the last third period, finishing rehabilitation program

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Propolis balm on herbs Khinazi: ingredients

hinazi1 600x600 Propolis balm on herbs Khinazi

propolis extract basil

has a number of useful features
and is used for oral care
It helps with respiratory diseases
heat and high temperature
lung diseases
cardiovascular diseases
and stress

bearberry leaves

 infusions and decoctions of bearberry have antiseptic
anti-inflammatoryzelenj foto large Propolis balm on herbs Khinazi diuretic
and astringent action
are used for diseases of the kidney
and for the urinary tract infections
have anti-inflammatory
and antiseptic properties

potentilla marsh

eliminates obstacles to fluid
is used in treatment of joints
arthrosis and arthritis
allergies, rheumatism
thrombophlebitis, osteochondrosis
diarrhea, flu
and liver diseases

birch leaves extract

The buds and leaves of this wonderful tree are used in treatment
Teas from the young birch leaves relieves swelling
and has a diuretic effect

sabelnik Propolis balm on herbs Khinazi

briar (rose hips)

improves metabolism
perfectly cleanses the blood,
tones the body
boosts the immunity
eliminates beriberi
strengthens the walls of blood vessels
has a diuretic and choleretic properties
lowers blood pressure
is used in the treatment of kidney
and digestive tract
for respiratory system and organs of vision

St. John’s wort herb

helps to normalize weight
is used for skin diseases
diseases of the teeth and gums
malfunctions in the digestive tract
is able to eliminate the problems in genitourinary system
as well as strengthens the immune system
It has anti-inflammatory79740298 5514031 298x300 Propolis balm on herbs Khinazi antibacterial
and soothing properties
it is also able to stop the bleeding


has hemostatic
and diuretic properties
has beneficial effect on skin, hair and nails
and increases skin turgor
it heals wounds and inflammation
relieves swelling
it is beneficial for the heart, kidneys and bladder
it has powerful cleansing properties,
reduces blood cholesterol
and removes salt deposits from the body

flowers of everlasting sand

are actively used in the treatment of jaundice
gallbladder and liver due to their choleretic properties Propolis balm on herbs Khinazi everlasting sand is also able to stop the inflammatory processes in the body
That’s why its both actively treats diseases of the kidneys and bladder
lowers blood cholesterol
normalizes metabolism
improves appetite
is good for skin diseases
and nervous disorders
and severe headaches

All the components of this useful balm are carefully selected and balanced

Look, what a content!

Just a storehouse of useful plants known to our people since the days of antiquity

As it is known, the most useful for a man is that what has grown at his area, what was nourished by the same water and what was warmed by the sun together with him

Few years ago the Khinazi balm Tentorium was in the form of the dragee

cmin1 300x206 Propolis balm on herbs Khinazi

That’s why the Khinazi balm – a unique set of herbs based on propolis could become panacea for you!

Propolis balm on herbs Khinazi Tentorium: properties

Has diuretic properties
Strengthens the immune system
Recovers metabolism
Stops inflammatory processes
Removes toxins, salts and wastes from the body
Restores the water-salt balance

Propolis balm on herbs Khinazi Tentorium: indications for application

metabolic disorders
cardiovascular diseases
the program of cleansing the body
inflammation of the bladder
inflammation of the kidneys during pregnancy

Moreover, the Khinazi balm Tentorium is an effective part of the complex program against excess weight

Khinazi balm Tentorium: instruction for use

When high salt content in urine apply propolis balm on herbs for six months

When gout the course of treatment is one year (apply during 10 days every month, then make a break)

When osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis it is recommended to apply the Khinazi balm in combination with cream Tentorium   

To replenish the potassium salts the Khinazi balm is recommended to apply together with the Tentorium Plus  dragee or Khlebina 

1-2 teaspoons of the Khinazi balm Tentorium dilute in half of a glass of water at room temperature

Khinazi balm Tentorium: contraindications


The balm is not recommended at idiosyncrasy of the product components


We invite those, who wants to improve significantly his/her health, to join the free wellness program for adults and children.

This unique system of recovery includes

qualitative change in nutrition
harmonious implementation of feasible physical activities in life
acquaintanceship with the live products Tentorium
and, if necessary, carrying out antiparasitic cleaning

You may previously look through the lessons plan!

See you!

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balm Khinazi Propolis balm on herbs Khinazi

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Comments (4)

  • Olga, 08.07.2013 05:25

    I had a bad urine tests during pregnancy. A friend advised me to try the Khinazi, by that time in dragee.
    I was taking it not long and just a little bit.
    But I’ve noticed that the urine has changed color to brown.
    It looked like infection were coming out.
    After that, the tests were normal, and the problem did not return.

  • Lidia Aleksandrovna, 27.10.2013 19:18

    I am 65.
    I’ve purchased this balm as a part of the Tentorium program for feet.
    And I immediately have felt the effect.
    It has become easy to climb the stairs to the 5th floor.

  • Maria Petrovna, 01.06.2014 11:58

    Not long ago I’ve got varicose veins, the legs began to swell, it was difficult to climb the stairs.
    I began to look for ways to get rid of this problem, and came across the Tentorium products. I was drinking a few courses, including Khinazi. Varicose veins didn’t disappear completely, but at least the legs ceased to swell up.
    However, it is necessary to exclude all food, that contain cholesterol from your diet. By the way, my headaches have also ceased. Everything thanks to Tentorium. Thank You so much!

    • , 14.06.2014 09:05

      Thank You too, Maria Petrovna, for such a wonderful reply!

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