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/ APIBALMS / Propolis balm – Apibalm 1

Propolis balm – Apibalm 1

Propolis balm – Apibalm 1

The Tentorium company created a truly unique natural balm, where the natural antibiotic – propolis is dissolved in vegetable oil. It is perfect for skin diseases, for healing wounds, relieves from the problems with the nasal cavity and other ENT diseases.
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Propolis balm Apibalm 1

(on vegetable oil)

Volume: 100 ml

As it’s known, all the genius is very simple. Such is this balm, which is a panacea of many diseases – it is very simple in composition, but is unique in its characteristics and functions

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Apibalm 1 Tentorium: ingredients

vegetable oil
high quality propolis 

The main ingredient of Apibalm 1 Tentorium is propolis

Propolis – is a beeswax, a glue, which the bees make of different resins of trees to protect their homes

Propolis, which is a part of Apibalm 1 Tentorium, is unique, because it’s a natural antibiotic, which doesn’t disturb the microflora of the organism and does not cause side effects

Propolis can be safely used in following cases

Апибальзам на прополисе 1024x751 Propolis balm   Apibalm 1

back painsduring pregnancy
an aqueous solution of propolis in gynecology
for children
in the treatment of throat
in the treatment of prostatitis
for colds
when tinnitus
in disorders of the thyroid gland
treatment of bronchitis
an aqueous solution of propolis is widely used for eyes – read the details HERE

Accordingly, the Apibalm 1 Tentorium on propolis is also recommended to apply in cases mentioned above

Прополис свойства Propolis balm   Apibalm 1

More details about properties of propolis, as well as about its application, chemical content, health benefits, use in treatment, contraindications and about whether propolis is appiable at ulcerative colitis and gastric ulcer, you may read HERE

In combination with vegetable oil the Apibalm 1 Tentorium becomes a unique healing ointment, appliable at various disorders in organism

And it is simply indispensable for skin diseases!

Propolis balm Apibalm 1 Tentorium is also appliable as an ointment for ENT diseases, ointment for bronchitis, it is ideal as an ointment for sore throat, an insect repellent and an ointment from allergies

It’s enough to rub propolis balm into the problem area, as You will soon feel a significant relief
If applied in combination with an aqueous propolis A P V  Tentorium, it will fasten your recovery

Apibalm 1 Tentiorium has truly unique healing properties, that’s why it is actively applied in treatment and prevention in sanatorium Tentorium for people with various diseases, including ENT and skin diseases

Propolis balm Apibalm 1: properties

Fights actively against multiplication of fungi, viruses and bacteria
It is effective in the treatment of herpes
Has powerful anti-inflammatory action
Eliminates itching and pain
Promotes rapid healing of wounds
Increases immunity

Propolis balm Apibalm 1: indications for application

burns28 l daily task 46 humiliation secret 300x225 Propolis balm   Apibalm 1 frostbites
bed sores
trophic ulcers
various skin diseases

Herpetic lesions should be smeared regularly with propolis balm Apibalm 1 Tentorium until complete healing

Apibalm 1 Tentorium is effective in healing of the cracked nipples of breastfeeding women

In the case of thrush or stomatitis among children, the mouth cavity should be smeared with Apibalm 1 Tentorium

For the treatment of rhinitis the propolis balm is used as nasal drops, and in the treatment of colds it should be taken inside and inflicted on the throat

In the treatment of laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, tracheitis the back of the throat should be smeared for long time

Moreover,  Apibalm 1 Tentorium is also applied to fill via syringe the vocal cords, but only at ENT-doctor

In constipations is helpful to take Apibalm 1 Tentorium inside in amount of 1 tablespoon in the morning before meals or before going to sleep

In order to cure hemorrhoids and prostatitis the propolis balm is used in the form of cotton tampon directly into the rectum

Various gynecological diseases of women are treated by wetted in Apibalm 1 tampons, introduced into the vagina (but be aware that these procedures are only possible after a colposcopy)

Прополис состав мазь 1024x760 Propolis balm   Apibalm 1

Apibalm 1 Tentorium: instruction for use

Internally the propolis balm should be taken by 1/3 teaspoon three times a day in 30-40 minutes before meals

Externally the propolis balm should be applied in a thin layer on the problem area of the skin, and then covered by gauze napkin

Apibalm 1  Tentorium: contraindications 

The ointment is not recommended under idiosyncrasy of the product components


We invite those, who wants to improve significantly his/her health, to join the free wellness program for adults and children

This unique system of recovery includes

qualitative change in nutrition
harmonious implementation of feasible physical activities in life
acquaintanceship with the live products Tentorium
and, if necessary, carrying out antiparasitic cleaning

You may previously look through the lessons plan!

See you!

If You have already tried the propolis balm Apibalm 1 Tentorium, write your feedback about it belowfeedback Propolis balm   Apibalm 1

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About how the company Tentorium monitors the quality of its products, please read in the following article Tentorium Quality

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Apibalm 1 Propolis balm   Apibalm 1

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Comments (5)

  • Anna, 19.09.2013 14:27

    I’ve spend this summer at the seaside. Everything’s good, funny, useful. But my skin, sensitive to sun, suffered. No, it does not burn, but as if is inflamed when it is very hot.
    I do not use cosmetic chemistry for a long time. For the face skin I use mainly unrefined oil or all sorts of scrubs, masks and creams from natural products prepared by myself.
    So, my face turned red. No wish to leave the seaside and no wish to look like a chief of the redskins on photos… Olive oil didn’t help, and in combination with vegetable oil – the same. I remembered that long time ago in the commercial center of the resort, where we had rest, I saw the office of Tentorium.
    I’m not exactly a fan, and almost did not use their products, just knew that it is possible to find something natural. So it turned out! Actually, I noticed, and this is not a publicity stunt, that surprisingly well-groomed women are working in Tentorium offices in three different cities where I were. And it turns out in conversation that they are already grandmothers! You will hardly ever guess. Agree that this is a good publicity stunt – to be the face of one’s own goods!
    So, together with a consultant we were trying to find out a long time what can save me, and decided to stop choice on Apibalm 1. I came back home, applied it at day-time – there were no effect at once, but neither negative reaction as well. In the evening, coming from beach, I inflicted balm instead of cream, and got up in the morning with an almost clean skin!
    So fast and first aid it turned out to be! I also apply this balm to remove slowly the crust from my son’s head – as much as he lets to take off, he doesn’t like this procedure much!
    So, the ladies with problematic skin, the natural balm, based on propolis is a very good variant. I recommend!

  • Niusya, 19.09.2013 14:28

    I walked once in summer along the beach barefoot and stepped on something – like a wasp. I’ve felt an acute pain between toes but it passed in a few seconds. So, I’ve forgotten and in the evening this area turned red, swelled, became hot and pulsated. I was getting hot and cold in turns. Mother-in-law was afraid and started to ask my husband to take me to hospital. I flatly refused – I do not like traditional medicine!
    In order to calm down my mother-in-law I smeared thickly the swollen place with Apibalm 1 – I often use it in cosmetic purposes. I smeared it, covered with a cotton pad, made a bandage and went to bed, suffering from the increased temperature. In the morning, indeed like in a fairy tale, I unwound the bandage, and the tumor was at exactly 2 times less. I was delighted, and pleased my mother-in-law, then made such a compress – and went for a walk with children.
    Just in a few days, by the way, the same story happened with my son. Something has bitten him in the leg where the ankle, and there was a red bump too. And I’ve healed him with Apibalm 1 for few days! Thanks to Tentorium!

  • Olga, 31.05.2014 16:23

    I am usually allergic to all the cosmetics, which has chemical content. It’s even possible to test the quality of manufacturers on my skin. That’s why I always choose only natural cosmetic tools, and Tentorium helps me here for a long time. I have too sensitive skin – where often the small wounds appear and Apibalm 1 with propolis based on plants either of animal origin is of great help for me here.

  • Maryjana, 02.07.2014 00:20

    I had the same situation. I have scratched my leg in thorny bushes at dacha and forgot to disinfect the scratches. The wounds became bigger at the next day and my leg little bit swelled, probably got infection. I have glanced in our medicine chest in search of brilliant green, but found Apibalm, purchased somehow by my mother. I made a compress, bandaged a leg, and in the morning saw the wounds healed. I have inflicted Apibalm again and a day later there left only a small footprint.

  • Natalia, 11.02.2015 16:00

    My child has very loose bowels. It’s inflamed and is not healed. From the damage of mucous we were recommended Apibalm 1 Tentorium. We were taking it by 1/3 of the teaspoon 3-4 times a day. Always on an empty stomach in an hour before meals or 2 hours after: always in the morning, as well as before going to sleep and even at night, as exactly at night time the stomach is empty. Today we apply it often and for various needs, it’s already became a kind of a magic wand for us.
    Formerly there were always bloody excreta in stool. I tried Apibalm in amount of 1/3 of the teaspoon internally, but my child refused to drink it and instead of three times we succeeded to take one in best case. Then I’ve read in internet the following recipe. Microclysters with Apibalm. 2-3 ml, 1-2 times a day.
    During the daytime sleep and sometimes at night I have invented the next: the special tube worn on the syringe, as it’s difficult to introduce 2-3 ml through syringe because you do not know how much there is left in end. And this way I knew exactly how much of it got to the destination. I dipped the tube with a syringe into boiling water to warm it up and then filled it with Apibalm and did clyster of the desired temperature.
    My daughter did not even wake up during the procedure. So after about few days the bloody excreta disappeared completely!
    Later, I had several times resorted to the same procedure to treat constipation.

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