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Natural powde Lux-Pro Tentorium

Natural powde Lux-Pro Tentorium

HYGIENIC FEET "Lux-Pro" Tentorium 35 g with talc and propolis: recommended for bedsores, diaper rash, increased sweating, combs, maceration and wetting of skin
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Hygienic powder Lux-Pro Tentorium

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This natural powder, developed by the specialists of Tentorium company is good in that it is suitable for all skin typesприсыпка люкс про тенториум 768x1024 Natural powde Lux Pro Tentorium
Moreover, it calms the sensitive skin, relieves irritation from the problematic skin, matters the fatty skin and does not dry the already dry skin.

Powder-powder Lux-Pro is effective in combating bedsores, intertrigo, irritations, and inflammations of the skin, with wet wounds and eczema.

The powder-powder composition of Lux-Pro Tentorium includes: purified propolis, talc, starch, zinc oxide

Extract of propolis removes irritation, regenerates skin cells, stops inflammation, relieving you of fatty gloss and acne

Starch was taken into service by cosmetologists not so long ago but already managed to show itself in the best part
It perfectly whitens the skin, makes it matte, but does not dry it, but, on the contrary, it perfectly nourishes and moisturizes
Also, starch is absolutely hypoallergenic and has no contraindications to use

Talcum or, in other words, a soapstone is a natural mineral
It has long been used successfully in cosmetology to eliminate irritations and inflammations on the skin, excessive sweating
Talc is also a hypoallergenic product

Thanks to the natural ingredients that make up Lux-Pro powder, it is ideal even for infants!

Instructions for the use of hygienic powder-powder Lux-Pro: apply to problem areas of the skin, previously washed and dried

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