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/ Хиты продаж / Mud mask Osinov Lake peloid

Mud mask Osinov Lake peloid

Mud mask Osinov Lake peloid

Osinov Lake Peloid Tentorium – the healing mud with bee venom, used as a hair mask and applications on body against pain.
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 Mud mask Osinov Lake peloid with bee venom

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Weight: 450 g

Mud – is quite an ambiguous phenomenon

It can cause a disease, as well as to become a panacea!

The lake mud, named peloid, is especially effective in treatment of numerous diseases

The Tentorium company has created a unique product, managing to combine the ancestors traditions with the achievements of modern civilization

You have opportunity to value all the beneficial properties of the lake mud, trying Osinov Lake peloid Tentorium with bee 

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Osinov Lake peloid Tentorium: ingredients

Osinov lake peloid (mud)
bee venom (apitoxin)
complex of stabilizing components

Osinov lake, from where the valuable mud is extracted, is located in the Urals region among the relict plants in ecologically clean area near the reserve zone

Bee venom repeatedly strengthens the properties of an already useful peloid, which has accumulated plenty of minerals and trace elements for hundreds years

Complex of stabilizing components contained in peloid, carefully protects its unique structure

Moreover, this complex extends life of the valuable product, increasing its shelf life

Osinov Lake peloid Tentorium with bee venom: properties

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Strengthens the immune system
Improves metabolism
Cleans the blood and strengthens its microcirculation
Stops inflammatory processes in the body
Relieves pain
Treats various skin diseases
Soothes irritated skin
Softens and moisturizes the skin
Actively fights cellulite at the complex approach
Effective in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system
Eliminates stress and fatigue in the muscles
Eliminates headache
Helps with hair problems

Osinov Lake peloid with bee venom Tentorium: instruction for use

Peloid Tentorium may be used as applications

5761 5943 Mud mask Osinov Lake peloid

With this purpose it should be pre-heated to a comfortable body temperature and then put on a dry clean skin (the applications shouldn’t be put on the area of heart)

After that, the oiled part of the body should be covered by food film, with a terry towel, plaid or a thin blanket from above

After 15 minutes of rest the application is removed, the remains of peloid are washed away, and the patient goes to lie down for a half of an hour

These applications might be carried out by courses of 10-12 procedures, but after it’s necessary to make 3-6 months of break

Then the course of applications might be repeated again

In treatment of hair the Osinov Lake peloid Tentorium is used as a mask

By lightly massage movements it is applied on a head skin and rubbed into it for a few minutes, then it is covered by packet or a food film, is warmed by a towel or a scarf and kept for 15 minutes on head

After that peloid should be washed off by warm water

For more efficiency it is recommended to use a line for hair from Tentorium company

It is advisable to lie quietly for а half of an hour after the procedure. Such masks should be done 1-2 times a week until the visible results are obtained

Thanks to the mud mask Osinov Lake Peloid Tentorium You may arrange SPA-resort exactly at home, as well as You may attend sanatorium Tentorium

Mud mask Osinov Lake Peloid Tentorium: contraindications

This product should not be used by

pregnant women,
people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and cancer
with impairment of kidneys functioning, tuberculosis
varicose veins and thrombophlebitis

Osinov Lake Peloid with bee venom is also not to be used

when acute inflammatory processes in the body
at viral infections
with individual intolerance to the product components


We invite those, who wants to improve significantly his/her health, to join the free wellness program for adults and children

This unique system of recovery includes

qualitative change in nutrition
harmonious implementation of feasible physical activities in life
acquaintanceship with the live products Tentorium
and, if necessary, carrying out antiparasitic cleaning

You may previously look through the lessons plan!

See you!

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Comments (3)

  • mama Iryna, 07.08.2013 14:42

    Few months ago, I discovered cosmetics Tentorium for myself. Shampoos, creams, products for the whole family. Not so long ago I decided to buy, from my point of view, the radical means for the beauty of my body – the mud!
    Well, not everyone has the opportunity to go to healing muds, and to besmear oneself there. Therefore I’ve arranged spa right at home.
    So, first of all I want to get rid of cellulite, improve skin and hair. Besides, as the manufacturers write, it helps with the whole list of diseases – in gynecology, at hair loss, at skin problems, etc. But carefully study the contraindications before use.
    The composition of the mud is really natural – only peloid – the same mud – and bee venom. It smells, sure, like a mud, and not like a swamp, what makes glad!
    I were making the anti-cellulite wraps with this mud every other day using a food film.
    I was also making face-mask and holding it about 15-20 minutes, as well as the body wraps.
    I will be also making hair masks, have made just one – there were still no effect.
    But I confirm that the skin on face and body became better. Acne and cellulite are less visible.
    So, feel free to use, especially because its price is very democratic!

  • Svetlana32, 19.09.2013 16:18

    You know, I’m delighted with the Osinov Lake peloid. This is just a godsend – a beauty salon at home!
    It makes the skin younger, and eliminates cellulite, and as it turnes out normalizes the process of cell regeneration.
    This is, by the way, a very old remedy, so no fictions! Osinov Lake with this mud is located in an ecologically clean area, there is some kind of magnetic radiation.
    Peloid is about 700 years, during that time the mud has accumulated mass of all useful, and therefore you may easily smear it on the ass, and on the face – and there will be an effect.
    After the child birth and breastfeeding I’ve began to loose hair. And got cellulite, it’s obvious – gained weight in maternity leave.
    The most important is regularity.
    I were making warm body wrappings against cellulite after the bath and before a sleep, didn’t dare for the whole night – being reluctant to sleep in the mud!
    I held it about a half of an hour, relaxing, reading a book at the same time. Only one nuance – you need to pre-heat the mud up to about 40 ° C in a water bath.
    It was enough for me after 10 times, but effect was already notable after them – the skin became more elastic, cellulite has gone, and volumes decreased.
    I had been used peloid as a body scrub, it’s especially awesome in sauna.
    The pores will open after steam, you smear yourself and sit about 15 minutes while peloid cleans and takes all the muck from the body.
    I advise to use this unique cure to all women, willing to be irresistible!

  • Anna, 16.12.2013 16:40

    When the cold period began, I had to wear a hat. All time my head sweatens and itches under it, the dandruff appears. Last year, I were rescuing myself just by oil, but the hair is greasy because of it and is badly washed out… This year I’ve become addicted to Tentorium products, including Peloid. Started to make such a mask – little bit of the mud and few drops of burdock oil I heat in a water bath, then smear the hair roots, and wear a packet and a towel for two hours! Yes, it’s tiresome, but worth it … After using this mask, the hair is not so greasy as after using just an oil, has less dandruff, head is not so itchy.

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