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Honey lip balm

Honey lip balm

Lip balm Tentorium 10 ml with vaseline oil, wax, glycerin, vitamin E, vitamin A, shea oil, honey, propolis and bee moth extract has anti-inflammatory antibacterial, antiviral effect, including with regard to herpes virus, relieves irritation.
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Honey lip balm Tentorium Wellness

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Volume: 10 ml

Do you want to give to your beloved ones sweet honey kisses?

Then try a lip balm with an extract of honey and propolis from the Tentorium company

Honey lip balm Tentorium: benefits

Protective effect
Mitigation, hydration, nutrition
Smooth surface of the mucosa of lips
Prevention and elimination of dryness and flaking of the skin
Base for decorative lipstick

Honey lip balm Tentorium: ingredients

vaseline oil
artesian water
beeswax with propolis
vitamin E
vitamin A
shea oil
propolis extract
bee moth extract

Lips – is a very prominent part of the body. And every woman wants her lips were gentle, soft, sensual

You may keep beautiful and healthy skin of your lips if take a proper care of it: to protect from wind, from frost, from excessive dryness

In short, to use a unique means for lip care – the honey lip balm Tentorium

This balm contains everything you need for the sensitive skin of the lips

Propolis extract and beeswax perform powerful protective function, preventing dry skin and even appearance of various kinds of fungal and viral diseases including herpes

Honey makes the lips soft and attractive, improving blood circulation and stimulating the regeneration of skin

Bee moth extract contains a unique enzyme tserraza, which promotes softening and careful removal of surface skin cells, stimulates skin renovation process
Bee moth extract eliminates dry lips, slows the aging processes and gently cleans the skin

Shea oil – contributes to firmness and elasticity, effectively moisturizes the skin, it’s a reliable protection of your lips against UV light

Vitamin A eliminates the cracks on the lips and has wound-healing properties

Vitamin E moisturizes and nourishes the delicate skin of the lips

Vitamins A and E are the synergistic blend, powerful antioxidant vitamins

Artesian water is enriched by minerals (calcium, magnesium, microelements)


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This unique system of recovery includes

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and, if necessary, carrying out antiparasitic cleaning

You may previously look through the lessons plan! See you!

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Comments (3)

  • Mila, 15.08.2013 18:36

    Mom gave me lip balm Tentorium as a present. She knows, that I don’t like honey, but said, that I’d like it. I was surprised but accepted the gift. How good my mom knows me! I’ve smeared my chapped lips – this is my bad habit to lick and bite them – and they healed, the dryness has gone, all wounds healed. And it has no smell!
    It turns out that this balm protects the lips from the sun, as well as from herpes, and nourishes by vitamins and well moisturizes them. And even gives the gloss, making the lips attractive!
    I will go on applying it regularly!

  • Camilla М, 05.09.2013 19:06

    I don’t like to smear my lips – these lipsticks are sheer chemicals. That’s why with pleasure I’ve taken to try this natural lip balm Tentorium. The difference is obvious, between when you apply chemistry on your lips and the natural honey balm!
    Lips are not exposed to the wind, the skin is well-groomed, no smell, and no greasiness. By the way, I’ve made all my friends addicted to this wonderful balm. They like to smear lips by chemicals. Enough by now, only the natural honey stuff.
    My daughter also likes to apply it, and I do not forbid it. Even if she will lick her lips, not terrible – the content is natural.

  • Prima, 24.09.2013 16:23

    The balm’s consistence did not inspire much confidence – too liquid, in my opinion.
    I’ve applied it and waited what will be. Yeah, it has soaked with time, as if there is nothing outside on the lips, but is felt as a thin film, which gently envelopes them. The lips are like polished, so smooth. But it’s pleasant!
    There is no smell by the way! Pity, because I thought it would smell by honey.
    I was much pleased with the package – it’s convenient to apply.
    I do not like lipsticks and glosses in general, but wanted to protect lips from bad weather. So I’ve bought it and satisfied.
    And advise You to try it too if You don’t like the feeling of a lipstick or a gloss on your lips.

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