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/ CREAMS / Hemorrhoids treatment Vitus Factor

Hemorrhoids treatment Vitus Factor

Hemorrhoids treatment Vitus Factor

Specially for the most gentle areas the company Tentorium has designed the natural and delicate cream – Vitus Factor, which easily copes with all kinds of intimate diseases. Its content includes the healing beekeeping products with addition of the pine pitch and butter.
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Hemorrhoids treatment Vitus Factor

The healing ointment Vitus Factor Tentorium is created to help men and women with their intimate problems

As Vitus Factor Tentorium fights with delicate problems, it has also the delicate content

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Vitus Factor cream Tentorium: ingredients

Витус фактор 1024x685 Hemorrhoids treatment Vitus Factor

vegetable oil
distilled water
bee pollen
high quality honey
pine pitch
propolis extract

Vitus Factor cream Tentorium: properties

successfully fights with viruses, bacteria and microbes
relieves pain, itching, inflammation and spasms
activates regeneration processes
has a hemostatic effect
eliminates puffiness
improves blood circulation in tissues

Beeswax – is the basis of the Vitus Factor Tentorium cream for hemorrhoids treatment and other intimate disorders

When the working bee reaches 12 days age it stops to produce the royal jelly and starts to make not less necessary and useful substance – beeswax

Beeswax has a wide range of applications

Medicinal properties of beeswax

is able to soften and warm the body tissues
to reduce inflammation and to heal wounds
beeswax is useful during pregnancy

Beeswax and propolis complement the healing properties of each other, both, in their natural state, they can be found in bee zabrus

Beeswax plays not the last role in cosmetology

Beeswax is applied for face, for rejuvenating skin of the whole body

Beeswax helps at stretch marks

Bee pollen (pollen load), the common name – flower pollen

Flower pollen contains more than 400 harmonically balanced substances, necessary for health support

Flower pollen Tentorium successfully substitutes all known multivitamin complexes produced by the pharmaceutical industry

Especially because, unlike its synthetic analogues, it is easily and effectively assimilated by the human body

Healing properties of flower pollen


Strengthens the immune system
Activates the gastrointestinal tract
Restores the intestinal microfloraЦелебные свойства меда 1024x640 Hemorrhoids treatment Vitus Factor
Increases physical endurance and performance
Cleanses the body of toxins
Strengthens the heart muscle
Positively affects the nervous system

Healing properties of honey

has beneficial effect on the nervous system
increases energy level, increases vitality
saturates the body with calcium and phosphorus, reducing muscle spasms
saturates the body with iron, copper, which leads to the normalization of hemoglobin
honey is an antibacterial agent for all kinds of intestinal disorders
and the antifungal agent that kills microbial infections, which promotes to rapid healing of wounds
it reduces the level of triglycerides, which lead to cardiovascular diseases
honey breaks down fats, thus promotes to weight loss

Propolis – is one of the essential ingredients of the Vitus Factor cream Tentorium for hemorrhoids treatment and other intimate disorders

Propolis is beeswax, the glue, produced by bees from different resins of trees to protect their dwellings

Propolis, which is contained in Vitus Factor Tentorium, is unique, because of its being the natural antibiotic, which doesn’t break the body’s microflora and causes no side effects

Propolis can be safely applied in following cases

back pains
during pregnancy
an aqueous solution of propolis in gynecology
for children
in the treatment of throat
in the treatment of prostatitis
for colds
when tinnitus
disorders of the thyroid gland
an aqueous solution of propolis is widely used for eyes

Such a healing content makes Vitus Factor Tentorium an indispensable tool against any gynecological diseases, as well as against hemorrhoids and diseases of the cardiovascular system

Vitus Factor cream Tentorium: indications for application

It is a powerful prophylactic against diseases of the rectum

Vitus-Factor helps in the treatment of hemorrhoids, varicose veins of the rectum

In this case it is very effective to use suppositories made from the cream and introduced directly into the rectum

It can also be used as applications

At male sexual disorders (prostatitis, prostate adenoma, impotence) the cream is used for rectal massage. Also, suppository can be made and introduced into the rectum

To reach the best effectiveness, this massage should be combined with a massage of the sacrum

The cream treats also gynecological diseases of women, such as cysts, fibroids, adnexitis, inflammation of the fallopian tubes, inflammatory processes, which cause infertility, vaginitis, erosion

However, all the procedures of this kind should be carried out after careful and thorough examination

It is used as an effective massage tool in treatment of diseases such as low back pain, radiculitis, osteoarthritis, arthrosis, arthritis, myositis, sciatica, lyumbosciatica, as well as intercostal neuralgia and muscular pains and spasms

The course of massage therapy is better to combine with a course of applications with use of the Vitus Factor cream Tentorium

The applications based on this cream also help at varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, obliterating endarteritis or sclerotic vascular lesions of the lower extremities

In these cases the affected areas of the body are not to be massaged, while the Vitus Factor cream Tentorium should be combined with the Tentorium cream or with Apibalm and applied by gentle light movements in upward direction from the heels

30-60 minutes are enough for the applications

If the cream remains after the applications were removed, it shouldn’t be taken off – wait until it is absorbed

The Vitus Factor cream Tentorium is effective in skin lesions: eczema, acne, irritations, itching, cracking, trophic ulcers, psoriasis, frostbite, burns

As well as at traumatic injuries of the skin: scratches, cracks, bruises, abrasions, cuts

It relieves pain during sprains

The cream successfully fights with spurs, herpes, bed sores, fungal diseases

Applications on the gum, based on Vitus Factor, help to get rid of periodontal disease

Vitus Factor cream Tentorium: instruction for use

On the affected skin areas the cream is applied in the form of applications, which are superimposed daily or every other day

They are enough to be applied for 15 minutes on the skin, until the Vitus Factor cream starts its healing effect

After the applications are removed the skin area with remains of the cream should be gently wetted by napkin

The cream  is used even more efficiently for hemorrhoids treatment

The hemorrhoid treatment with use of the Vitus Factor cream is carried in a complex: the rectal massage of hemorrhoid is fulfilled every other day, at the same time daily it should be carefully smeared by cream

The Vitus Factor cream is appropriate for making suppositories

With this purpose the Vitus Factor cream is better to mix with Apibalm or the Tentorium cream in a ratio of 1: 3

Duration of course – until the improvement of state

Vitus Factor cream Tentorium: contraindications

The cream is not recommended at idiosyncrasy of the product’s components

Before application of the Vitus Factor cream Tentorium it is recommended to make a small test for skin sensitivity

Simply apply a small amount of cream in the crook of the elbow, on its inner area and hold for a few hours. If there is no response, the cream can be used without fear

In case of itching or redness it is best to dilute the Vitus Factor cream Tentorium with Apibalm 1  or Apibalm 2  in even proportions, such as 1: 2 or 1: 4


We invite those, who wants to improve significantly his/her health, to join the free wellness program for adults and children

This unique system of recovery includes

qualitative change in nutrition
harmonious implementation of feasible physical activities in life
acquaintanceship with the live products Tentorium
and, if necessary, carrying out antiparasitic cleaning

You may previously look through the lessons plan!

See you!

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Vitus Factor Hemorrhoids treatment Vitus Factor

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Comments (2)

  • Olga Nilolaevna, 11.08.2014 12:38

    After passing through the course of antibiotics I’ve got dysbiosis and candidiasis, of course the doctors prescribed another bunch of tablets from these side effects and also suppositories. On the recommendation of my acquaintance I’ve bought Vitus Factor, and tried to make a few suppositories with this ointment. Within 3 days candidiasis was gone as did not happen And there were neither side effects, no burning sensation from the suppositories. Everything passed and recovered in natural way. Thank to the company for such a wonderful ointment!

  • Tina Konovalova, 11.08.2014 12:41

    I like all the ointments of Tentorium. There are 5 types of them. But since I have no health problems, I apply these creams on my skin. I mix them together – all 5 creams and apply at night on the face. The skin became velvety, freshened, I get compliments from all around. These ointments have a very nice effect.

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