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Ear candles Candella-2

Ear candles Candella-2

Ear candles Candella-2 Tentorium - hollow candles of wax, propolis and fir for improving blood circulation in the head and ear area, against cerumen impactions and migraines
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Ear candles Candella-2 Tentorium

Ear candles Candella-2 Tentorium: ingredients

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fir tree extract

extracts of essential oils (eucalyptus, lavender, mint, and others.)

phytocomposition of medicinal plants

Ear candles Candella-2 Tentorium: indications for application

They are simply irreplaceable at all possible ear problems.

They stop the inflammatory processes

relieve spasms

eliminate pains

purify the ears and ear canals from cerumen impactions, softening them

heal acute otitis

help at hearing loss

treat chronic ear diseases

The ear candles Candella-2 Tentorium are also effective at stresses, insomnia, headaches and dizziness.

otosan girl Ear candles Candella 2

Ear candles Candella-2 Tentorium: instruction for use

After preliminary massage of ears with the Tentorium cream, insert a candle Candella-2 into the ear canal, light the top of the candle and let it burn out to the mark indicated on the candle.

This procedure should be carried out once a week within six weeks, and then repeated by 4 sessions once a week every three months.

Ear candles Candella-2 Tentorium: contraindications

The product should not be applied in case of idiosyncrasy of the candles components.


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Comments (2)

  • Dasha, 05.08.2013 09:30

    I’ve got a cold in my ear, so strong that I did not want to live. I was going to run for ear drops, but a neighbor dissuaded – she had heard that they cause deafness. I was surprised, but didn’t dare to take.
    And in the basement of our house the Tentorium office is located already for several years, but I was passing by all the time. And here something led me to go there – let’s see, I thought, what do they have there for me. The consultant has advised the candle into the ear. I hesitated, but have bought.
    I inserted it into the ear with fear. It did not hurt, and it was not hot, I was like in a cocoon, in a certain world of my own. The procedure itself was so relaxing, that I almost fell asleep with a candle in the ear.
    Healing of the runny nose became a pleasant “side effect”. And it smells like natural honey! So pleasant. However, what I dislike is smoke – I start to choke, and have to close my nose and mouth with a wet handkerchief and endure – it’s worth of that.
    My ear, by the way, ceased to ache very quickly!

  • Nazar, 21.09.2013 17:22

    I remember my feeling when did this procedure for the first time – warmed my ears by candles Tentorium. Pleasant warmth, great smell, light crackling, relaxation and even everything’s becomes clear in head!
    But a small casus happened to my ear. One ear gets warm normally, while the smoke goes from another. I inserted candle by this and that way – all the same! Well, I decided to warm just one ear – the effect is good anyway!
    By the way, they are far different from the candles, sold in pharmacy. It’s immediately clear, that those have nothing with being natural
    I recommend everyone who has problems with the ears and nasal congestion!

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