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/ CREAMS / Cure for runny nose Rhino Factor

Cure for runny nose Rhino Factor

Cure for runny nose Rhino Factor

The natural cream Rhino Factor from the Tentorium company is the successful combination of the quality beekeeping products and essential oils and eucalyptus. It is effective against nasal congestion and a wonderful repellent against mosquitoes.
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Cure for runny nose Rhino Factor

The Rhino Factor Tentorium is a unique complex, providing effective treatment for rhinitis, treatment of adenoids
It’s a powerful cure for a runny nose, as well as the cure for cold and flu and the cure for herpes
The essential oils effectively cope with diseases of rhinology
We just need to know how to choose and combine them with each other, as well as with beekeeping products of high quality
Then you will really forget about a runny nose and adenoids

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Rhino Factor cream Tentorium: ingredients

eucalyptus oil
mint oil
patented Pegus-component of propolis
the original basis of vegetable and animal origin

Eucalyptus oil has vivid antiseptic and bactericidal properties
It inhibits the growth of infection, creates a favorable environment for the body, has calming effect on the human psyche, and reduces inflammations

Tentorium video

Learn more about the benefits of eucalyptus oil from this video:

Mint oil tones the body, improves its resistance to stress, effectively lowers the temperature, neutralize the action of bacteria and viruses on the body
The mint also relieves spasms, strengthens blood vessels, eliminates headaches and has beneficial effect on the heart
Menthol is a substance obtained from mint oil
This is a plant concentrate of all the useful properties of this oil
Menthol has excellently cooling, analgesic and refreshing effect

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Cure for runny nose Rhino Factor Tentorium: properties

the treatment of rhinology diseases, colds, flu
has an active effect on the mucous membranes of the nose
thus reducing its swelling and reducing the formation of mucus
prevents the growth of microbes
thus, providing, a powerful anti-inflammatory effect

Moreover, the Rhino Factor cream Tentorium

helps to reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa
reduces itching
prevents inflammation
has anti-fungal properties
activates blood circulation in the nose area and in the area of the inner ear

The Rhino Factor cream can be used as prophylaxis of rhinitis, as well as in its treatment with Rhino Factor2 Cure for runny nose Rhino Factorthis purpose
It’s enough to apply the Rhino Factor cream Tentorium, diluted in equal ratio with Apibalm on the maxillary and frontal sinuses before the application of the given mixture to the nasal mucosa, it should be previously tested for sensitivity, by applying a small amount of the cream at the entrance to the nasal cavity

The Rhino Factor cream Tentorium effectively reduces swelling of the nasal mucosa of allergic nature and significantly reduces the amount of mucus
The Rhino Factor cream helps to fight herpes. It significantly reduces pain, itching, inflammation, heals wounds and cracks
If the Rhino Factor cream Tentorium is gently rubbed into corresponding active points of the face,  thus, it is possible to get rid of a migraine headache
In order to improve hearing the Rhino Factor cream should be applied comprehensively, namely: to rub the cream behind the ear near the earlobe and to introduce cotton tampon into the ears

Cure for runny nose  Rhino Factor Tentorium: instruction for use

A small amount of the Rhino Factor cream Tentorium is previously mixed with Apibalm 1  or Apibalm 2 (a ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 3).

Then, the amount of mixture not larger than a match head is applied in the form of application to the mucosa of each nostril
To achieve the best effect the given procedure should be repeated 2-3 times a day
The course of treatment – is not more than 5 days
Then the break for a few days should be done, after which the treatment can be continued

Rhino Factor cream Tentorium: contraindications

The cream is not recommended at idiosyncrasy of the product’s components
Before application of the Rhino Factor cream from Tentorium, it is recommended to make a small test for skin sensitivity
Simply apply a small amount of cream in the crook of the elbow, on its inner area and hold for a few hours
If there is no response, the cream can be used without fear
In case of itching or redness, it is best to dilute the Rhino Factor cream Tentorium with boiled unrefined vegetable oil
Apibalm or the Tentorium cream in even proportions, such as 1: 2 or 1: 4


We invite those, who wants to improve significantly his/her health, to join the free wellness program for adults and children.

This unique system of recovery includes

qualitative change in nutrition
harmonious implementation of feasible physical activities in life
acquaintanceship with the live products Tentorium
and, if necessary, carrying out antiparasitic cleaning

If You have already tried Rhino Factor Tentorium write your feedback about it below may also leave feedback about other products Tentoriumfeedback Cure for runny nose Rhino Factor
You may buy Rhino Factor Tentorium in our online-store (Tentorium Online store

After completing the order, we will contact you to agree on how exactly you want to get products
About how the company Tentorium monitors the quality of its products, please read in the following article Tentorium Quality

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Comments (5)

  • forever in maternity leave, 03.08.2013 17:26

    Pregnancy – is responsible time and it imposes a ban on chemical medicines. So and I, was with the belly and runny nose, if my mother did not save me from snot with the Rhino Factor cream from Tentorium. Just smeared right in the nose. The common cold was gone the next day, and at night of the same day I slept with a clean nose. Girls, I recommend!

  • Hardi, 19.08.2013 19:43

    I, like many who use the products of Tentorium and appreciate their quality, use the Rhino Factor cream not only for the treatment of rhinitis, but also for protection from it in winter and fall.

    Even three years old child does not have the skin irritation from it. By the way, so we had escaped the influenza virus at the children’s holiday. Everybody caught the disease there, except us!

  • polinkina mama, 06.09.2013 20:45

    When nasal congestion – it’s the first means, you just need to anoint inside the nostrils by cotton stick with the Rhino Factor cream. I do this on fact, and as a prevention during the cold season. The smell, of course, is strong, but not worse than that of all known oxolinic ointment

    I smeared the noses of the whole family and now can rest easy because they won’t bring the ailments home again!

  • Lissa73, 10.09.2013 19:20

    I do not like that Rhino Factor is the expensive cream, but like that it’s effective, so one have to buy. I use it very sparingly, so it is long enough – exactly for one year – is its shelf life due to its natural components. The mucosa of the nose is protected from viruses if this cream is applied before leaving the house.

    And all the time this pleasant and so natural smell of freshness is kept inside the nose. And I did not like oxolinic ointment – it smelled disgusting for me. And here it smells good, and helps quickly!

  • annecka, 18.09.2013 14:46

    I’ve bought the Rhino Factor cream a few weeks ago and fell in love with it. I regularly smear by it the nose for prevention, during 5 days if I go into a public places, then make a break for a few days, then smear again. First time, the smell seemed to be disgusting, reminded the “Star” balm, which I didn’t like since childhood, but then got used to sniff.
    Despite the small tube it is consumed sparingly and long enough. The composition is the natural and the effect is good, almost momentary. Runny nose runs for one or two days.
    Also I’ve cured with it my headache – just smeared by it my temples. Such this cream is!

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