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Complete health improvement program

Complete health improvement program

Complete program for maintaining your health Tentorium – is a universal means of healing: The program for gastrointestinal tract GIT-Ultra Tentorium (Apiformula 1 (Life line 1) - Gastro, Apiformula 2 (Life line 2) – Hepato, Apiformula 3 (Life line 3) – Pankreo) + Anti-stress and toning up program (A P V, Tentorium Plus and cream Tentorium).
41 $
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Complete health improvement program

Weight: 4 pcs. of dragee by 100 g, cream 100 g, aqueous propolis 100 ml.

Complete health improvement program Tentorium consists of two programs: Anti-stress program

and GIT-Ultra program

The Anti-stress and toning up program

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Unfortunately, life of the modern man is not easy:

crazy rhythm of dynamic life
the densely populated cities
the eternal traffic jams
as well as the burden of responsibility at work
constant thoughts about money
passive lifestyle
monotonous work days
complicated family relationships …

In addition to all these are also synthetic food, and polluted air, and the lack of recreation in nature

полная программа здоровья Complete health improvement program

No wonder, that every second human’s organism lives in unnatural state of stress

This results in:

anger at the people and irritability
lack of appetite or, on the contrary, overeating
migraine and muscle clamps
a state of constant fatigue
and skin problems
decreased immunity
and premature aging

Weak health, susceptibility to infectious and viral diseases, persistent pains, fast fatigue…

Do you want such a life for yourself?

After all, we came to Earth with only one purpose – to be happy!

The Tentorium company offers you small, but very effective key to health, and consequently, to happiness, and harmony with yourself and with the outside world

The Anti-stress and toning up program Tentorium will deprive your organism of everyday torturing state of the overall stress

Of course this program won’t be able to eliminate the source of stresses: it will hardly make the angry boss more kind, will not help you to move up the career ladder, will not clear the dusty air around you and won’t dispel the hated traffic jam

Newlywed Mistakes 3 Complete health improvement program

But it will sure help your organism to become more healthy, stronger and harmonious

The Anti-stress and toning up program Tentorium will help you to see the world by quite the different eyes – the eyes of a quiet, self-sufficient person

Your colleagues won’t be so annoying for you anymore, the family will become a place of rest, not a battlefield of sexes, you will often want to be outdoors and walk more

In short, you will meet every morning of your happy life with a smile and be reluctant to take leave of the passing day!

Are you ready to start the new life without stresses?

Then the Anti-stress and toning up program Tentorium is exactly what you need!

The  Anti-stress and toning up program Tentorium: content

the Tentorium Plus nutritious dragee 100 g
cream Tentorium 100 g
the aqueous propolis extract A P V  100 ml

The Anti-stress and toning up program Tentorium has complex action on your organism – heals it from inside and treats from outside

With each day of the program you are becoming stronger, healthier, calmer, happier!

Stresses gradually go away from your life – you just do not give them much value, cease to notice them, you find a lot of little reasons to be happy

And your good health, well-being and a radiant appearance are among them!


During the application of the Anti-stress and toning-up program  Tentorium it is very important to increase fluid intake – up to three liters a day, but only if you have no special restrictions on health 

To learn about the Anti-stress program Tentorium, as well as to purchase it separately, you may HERE

Program for gastrointestinal tract GIT-Ultra Tentorium

How often we may see the people absorbing fast-food on the run… Yes, the food culture of the modern man leaves much to be desired:

unhealthy breakfast with telephone on the run
lunch on dry rations with computer
dense dinner in front of TV …

How often this unhealthy diet is accompanied by night snacks and festive corporate overeating

Alas, the quality of the food leaves much to be desired too: synthetic food, stuffed by color-and-taste-improving supplements

With such lifestyle and nutrition in this manner, more people suffer from gastrointestinal diseases:

abdominal bloating,

Gastrointestinal tract is a system, the correct work of which affects the state of the whole organism

That is why it’s so important to maintain the health of gastrointestinal tract on the very high level

To start healing is possible with the specially developed program GIT-Ultra from Tentorium

GIT-ULTRA Program Tentorium: content 

жкт Complete health improvement program

Apiformula 1 Ultra dragee (100 g)
Apiformula 2 Ultra dragee (100 g)
Apiformula 3 Ultra dragee (100 g)

The treatment course is designed for 42 days.

GIT-Ultra Program Tentorium: instruction for use

Treatment takes place in three stages

More details about all the stages of intake of GIT-Ultra program Tentorium, as well as about possible schemes of intake of the Apiformila dragee, read HERE

The Complete  health improvement program Tentorium: scheme of intake

1. Water course:  1,5 – 2 liters of water a day (fresh, clean, not boiled)
5-10 drops of A P V should be added to each glass (it enriches the water and improves its structure)
It is preferable to give up all other drinks: juices, tea, coffee, soda water etc

2. A P V (aqueous propolis extract) in the morning and evening on an empty stomach before taking the dragee. 1 teaspoon on the glass of water (200 ml)
First glass of water

3. Apitonus (honey with royal jelly)
To dissolve one half of the teaspoon in glass of fresh water and to drink in one gulp
Second glass of water

4. The Tentorium plus dragee (bee pollen) by one half of the teaspoon three times a day in a half of an hour before meals
To keep the dragee under the tongue until it completely dissolves
To not swallow

 5. 1st week Life’s line 1 (Gastro) by one half of the teaspoon three times a day in a half of an hour before meals
To keep the dragee under the tongue until it completely dissolves. To not swallow

2nd weekLife’s line 2 (Hepato) by one half of the teaspoon three times a day in a half of an hour before meals
To keep the dragee under the tongue until it completely dissolves. To not swallow

3d week – Life’s line 3 (Pankreo) by one half of the teaspoon three times a day in a half of an hour before meals
To keep the dragee under the tongue until it completely dissolves
To not swallow

To eat all the dragee with the Tentorium Plus

After about 3 weeks the Tentorium Plus dragee is over
Then continue to eat up Life’s line 1, 2 and 3 in the same sequence

6. Every evening to apply cream Tentorium on the area of the spine (from the sacrum to the neck)

7. Api Hit by 20 drops before or after meals. To put on any product or better under the tongue


We invite those, who wants to improve significantly his/her health, to join the free wellness program for adults and children.

This unique system of recovery includes

qualitative change in nutrition
harmonious implementation of feasible physical activities in life
acquaintanceship with the live products Tentorium
and, if necessary, carrying out antiparasitic cleaning

You may previously look through the lessons plan!

See you!

If You have already tried the Complete health improvement program Tentorium, write your feedback about it below feedback Complete health improvement program

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For your convenience we have made the products delivery free of charge

The details are HERE

About how the company Tentorium monitors the quality of its products, please read in the following article Tentorium Quality

Download Tentorium catalog HERE

complet health giving program Complete health improvement program

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  • Alyona M, 21.02.2014 00:50

    The Complete health improvement program from Tentorium helped me in treatment of my gastroduodenit during an exacerbation. The pain in the esophagus has disappeared on the third day. Three years have passed. I keep on taking something from Tentorium products and the disease no longer disturbs. I’m very glad.

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