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Chitosan supplement Api Hit

Chitosan supplement Api Hit

Api Hit is a truly unique extract, as it combines in itself the most powerful sorbent – chitosan, which removes harmful toxins and wastes from your body, eliminates the effects of antibiotic treatment, and fir oil, contributing to these processes. As a result, we obtain the ideal tool for cleaning the liver, kidneys, blood, the whole organism.
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 Chitosan supplement ApiHit

Volume: 15 ml

The fir extract Api Hit Tentorium with chitosan supplement
The Tentorium company has been awarded the silver medal of the World Congress “Apimondia 2001″, held in South Africa, for the fir extract Api Hit as a new product of beekeeping

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ApiHit extract Tentorium: ingredients

СО2 extract of a coniferous branch of silver fir low-molecular chitosan

Fir is a wonderful plant that contains a number of essential oils, vitamins, and minerals

What is chitosan?

Апихит Chitosan supplement Api Hit

This is an amino sugar of animal origin, which is found in the shells of insects, mostly these are bees and crustaceans

Chitosan properties

Chitosan is the most valuable product, widely used in the modern industry of beauty as a tool to fight against skin aging and overall aging of the organism, as well as for the weight control
Chitosan is also widely used in cosmetology, as well as it applied for hair
If you are going to lose weight in the first turn you should pay attention to this amazing beekeeping product
Because all the properties of chitosan, its function are in eliminating the toxins and wastes from the organism

Therefore, chitosan acts as a fat burner
Chitosan as a medicine is not used in the official medicine
But its structure is very similar to the genetic code of human cells, that is why it is so effective!
First of all, chitosan acts as a sorbent, it pulls out all the accumulated wastes from the body, thus it relieves the liver, kidneys and other excretory systems

Side effects from the use of chitosan

2 300x212 Chitosan supplement Api Hit

Such side effects from taking chitosan can be observed only among those whose body is heavily intoxicated, or if you suffer from severe liver disease
One more reason for side effects of chitosan is its idiosyncrasy
The properties of chitosan are increased by extract of fir, which makes chitosan even more healing
The Tentorium company was first who combined these two components, which resulted in the unique extract Api Hit Tentorium

The extract ApiHit Tentorium: properties

Lowers content of blood cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases
Removes excess sodium and chlorine from the body, as well as radionuclides, heavy metals, residues of medicines and other toxins and wastes
Restores the microflora of intestines, improving its performance
Promotes rapid and quality weight loss
Improves blood circulation, removing spasms of blood vesselsХитозан фото Chitosan supplement Api Hit
Effectively heals burns and wounds, relieves skin irritation

Besides, the extract Api-Hit Tentorium is compatible with all foods and will be effective in any diet

Chitosan supplement Api Hit Tentorium: indications for application

It strengthens the immune system and activates the body’s own protective resources even when living in environmentally disadvantaged areas
Effectively protects the body from various sources of radiation – computers, televisions, microwave ovens
Just vitally is necessary for people working in hazardous work
Restores the body after chemo- and radiotherapy
It is effective in getting rid of drug addiction and alcohol dependenceextract Api Hit Tentorium for children is recommended to apply after the first year of life to enhance the immunity

The extract Api Hit Tentorium during pregnancy is especially effective in the first trimester, it eliminates toxemia, helps with heartburn

апихит тенториум 300x225 Chitosan supplement Api Hit

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We invite those, who wants to improve significantly his/her health, to join the free wellness program for adults and children.
This unique system of recovery includes

qualitative change in nutrition
harmonious implementation of feasible physical activities in life
acquaintanceship with the live products Tentorium
and, if necessary, carrying out antiparasitic cleaning

If You have already tried aqueous propolis Api Hit Tentorium, write your feedback about it below
may also leave feedback about other products Tentorium
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After completing the order, we will contact you to agree on how exactly you want to get products
About how the company Tentorium monitors the quality of its products, please read in the following article Tentorium Quality

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Api Hit Chitosan supplement Api Hit

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Comments (6)

  • Ispanech, 02.09.2013 19:05

    It’is a very useful food supplement, but not that supplement, to which all used to and from which all dash aside. This is completely natural product – an extract of Siberian fir.
    If you have a weak heart or if you spend much time near the harmful devices (for example, all day at the computer) or in hazardous work, then it will be very useful for you to take Api Hit.
    It helps good, by the way, in weight loss!
    I was ordering Api Hit in company Tentorium together with other useful products. They also have good honey cosmetics. I like very much.
    Api Hit also contains chitosan from the shells of bees. This armor may protect against harmful radiation. And it’s good for the skin, if you add it to cosmetics and it helps to lose weight.
    This product is also good because it can be eaten with any diet, even while applying conventional medicines. I add it directly to the food as a dressing, when prepare – for example porridge or salad (Api-Hit contains vegetable oil!)
    Drink it for health at least until the end of your days – it will be of benefit! And you may try for a start to drink it during a month by 20 drops every day.
    If you eat right and drink water right in a half of an hour before meals, and then in 15 minutes after water you drip Api Hit directly into the mouth, the effect will be just super! After all, it removes toxins and heavy metals, and cleanses everything pretty good there. By the way, do not be afraid of its laxative action – it is very likely at first. That’s good!

  • Natali73, 17.09.2013 19:08

    I hate diets, because it’s really difficult to forbid myself to eat goodies. But anyway, I want to look good!
    One time I had such a weight that I couldn’t enjoy my reflection in the mirror. And I didn’t want to go in for sports, and had no time.
    Then I decided to try Api Hit and applied it by 15 drops a day in a half of an hour before meals right under the tongue. At the same time there were also restrictions in food – I did not eat sweets after dinner, were drinking unsweetened tea. It seems not difficult.
    The result was not so fast, but after 4 months I lost weight considerably – minus 9 kg.! By the way you must not lose weight quickly – it’s harmful for your body, as well as for skin, it just becomes sagging. And against sagging skin Tentorium has a good cream Api Bust – in fact it is for the elastic chest, but you can smear the whole body. I apply it after the shower and have no problems with skin! I advise you to drink plenty of pure water throughout the day!

  • Tina Konovalova, 31.05.2014 13:30

    I used Api Hit somehow, maybe about a week. So I began to feel easy heartburn, although had no gastrointestinal problems even in the days when I ate fried food. I had to stop taking Api Hit, but the desire to cleanse the body still have, just do not know what method for cleaning to choose better. Would you, dear healthy lifestyle followers recommend something?

    • , 01.06.2014 01:05

      Use of beekeeping products is a great opportunity to prepare the body for cleansing. Try to combine A P V with Api Hit. I think it would be an excellent choice to start, as our experience shows the heartburn passes quickly.

  • Tina Konovalova, 01.06.2014 09:37

    Elena, what is your attitude to such method of cleaning the body as hunger? And whether it is possible to combine hunger with beekeeping products? And with what products exactly if it’s possible? Or it is better to leave the body alone while hunger and to not help it?

    • , 14.06.2014 09:11

      Hello, Tina. I have excellent attitude to hunger, Moreover, I consider this method natural for the human. Our ancestors had no opportunity to eat fully 3 times a day – and that’s right.
      So, one day in week without food – it’s a necessary rule for good health.

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