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/ CREAMS / Breast care cream Api Bust

Breast care cream Api Bust

Breast care cream Api Bust

The natural cream from Tentorium company Api Bust – is a prevention and treatment of the breast diseases, lifting of skin at breast, neck and face.
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Breast care cream Api Bust

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апи бюст Breast care cream Api Bust

Api Bust cream Tentorium: ingredients

Pegus-component of propolis
bee tincture (contains bee venom in micro doses)
bee pollen
horseradish extract
pine pitch
camphor oil
basics of vegetable origin

The name of this unique cream Api Bust speaks for itself

Yes, this miracle product is designed specifically for women, or rather, for the object of their pride!

Each of the fair sex authentically knows how delicate the skin of the neck and décolleté is

Therefore, it needs special care: gentle, organic, natural

The Api Bust cream Tentorium combines exactly all of these qualities

Moreover, it has no analogues!

The pine pitch is known as a powerful antibacterial component

Beekeeping products improve the skin turgor and fight actively against wrinkles

Thanks to the breast care cream Api Bust Tentorium the skin of your décolleté and your neck will look beautiful, shining and young!

Api Bust cream Tentorium: properties

93910167 ukhodzazonojjdekolte 300x300 Breast care cream Api Bust

relieves pain, itching and irritation of the skin
activates the cell regeneration processes of the skin
improves blood circulation
improves skin elasticity
smoothes wrinkles
prevents new wrinkles
is a potent preventive agent against the breast diseases (including various tumors)
helps with the stagnation in the period of breast-feeding
promotes rapid healing of cracked nipples during breastfeeding
is effective in the treatment of mastopathy and mastitis as well as in their prophylaxis

Moreover, the Api Bust cream

Is used as an effective massage tool in the treatment of joint diseases, intercostal neuralgia, muscle pains and spasms

The course of massage therapy is better to combine with the course of applications with use of the Api Bust cream Tentorium

The applications, based on this cream, also help when varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, obliterating endarteritis  or sclerotic vascular lesions of the lower extremities

In this case, you cannot massage the affected areas and the cream should be imposed upwards from the heels by very careful light movements

The Api Bust cream Tentorium helps also at various skin diseases: eczema, acne, irritations, itching, cracking, venous ulcers, and even psoriasis

It can also be used when frostbites and skin burns

The Api Bust cream Tentorium eliminates the excessive sweating, and therefore could replace deodorant

Api Bust cream Tentorium: instruction for use

For cosmetic purposes the cream is used after a bath
It is applied on moist steamed out skin neck and décolleté
Movements must go upwards or in circle
The cosmetic course includes 9 procedures
They might be conducted daily or every other day
It is important to repeat this course at least once a month to achieve the best effect and consolidate the results

Api Bust cream Tentorium: contraindications 

The cream is not recommended at idiosyncrasy of the product’s components

Before application of the breast care cream Api Bust Tentorium it is recommended to make a small test for skin sensitivity

Simply apply a small amount of cream in the crook of the elbow, on its inner area and hold for a few hours. If there is no response, the cream can be used without fear

In case of itching or redness it is best to dilute the Api Bust cream Tentorium with Apibalm 1 or Apibalm 2 in even proportions, such as 1: 2 or 1: 4

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кремы тенториум Breast care cream Api Bust


We invite those, who wants to improve significantly his/her health, to join the free wellness program for adults and children.

This unique system of recovery includes

qualitative change in nutrition
harmonious implementation of feasible physical activities in life
acquaintanceship with the live products Tentorium
and, if necessary, carrying out antiparasitic cleaning

You may previously look through the lessons plan!

See you!

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Api Bust Breast care cream Api Bust

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Comments (3)

  • Tatiana Ivanko, 01.08.2013 17:53

    I’ve got an advertising booklet of the Tentorium company into my hands. I like everything new and natural – that is why the next day I’ve bought myself for the full program! The Api Bust cream for the breast was among my purchases.
    What I like in Tentorium products is that all of them are expended sparingly. The consistency of this cream is thick, not too oily, the smell is weird, but then you get used, and even begin to like.
    I applied it by massage movements on neckline zone and breast, gently, to not stretch the delicate skin after a shower or bath. Sometimes I slightly warmed it on a water bath – so it was easier to smudge.
    I usually performed these procedures for the night and washed off in the morning in the shower with warm water, sometimes the grains of the cream were left, because it’s being somewhat heterogeneous.
    I use it about 3 months and during that time the breast skin indeed became well moisturized and more elastic. The result is! I will continue trying!

  • Tsvetochek Alen’kiy, 29.08.2013 15:17

    In my case the Api Bust cream may be called Api Face! I do not use it for the breast, but I actively treat by it the facial skin. Already for many years already, and quite effective!
    It has completely natural composition, so I can safely smear it on the face after washing and cleansing. Often I was making facial masks of this cream, holding it on the skin for about 15 minutes. It well moisturizes, soothes and heals acne.
    If a pimple appears, I smear it pointwise at night. The next morning it becomes much less and not so red.
    By the way, I want to warn those, who just start to use Api bust for face. Initially, the skin problems may only increase. This means the process has begun, because the honey products pull all the muck from your skin. Later there will be improvement – just have patience!

  • Kleta, 18.09.2013 14:12

    I had a pain of the armpit. There were many reasons for this. I drag the heavy things and have chondrosis. But the Api Bust cream turned out in my hands, I smeared by it the armpit and breast – the armpit pain has gone. Concerning the breast, I shall visit the doctor – but while I smear, who knows – maybe it will be helpful here too!

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