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/ Хиты продаж / Aqueous propolis A P V 15 ml

Aqueous propolis A P V 15 ml

Aqueous propolis A P V 15 ml

A P V is an extract of propolis on shungite water and is the most effective and at the same time secure natural antibiotic. It eliminates dead cells, viruses, fungi, while leaving necessary for us live microorganisms. This way, A P V doesn’t disturb microorganisms and has no side effects comparing to other antibiotics of official medicine. This water extract was created by Tentorium company as a unique anti-inflammatory preparation, as well as the secure nasal and eye drops.
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Aqueous propolis A P V Tentorium

Propolis extract on shungite water

Volume: 100 ml

What is A P V?
The APV extract Tentorium – is the beekeeping product, which is the embodiment of the ancient knowledge about the properties of minerals, water, and propolis

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Aqueous propolis A P V Tentorium: content

0686fb946db37409a0c6fbd86b926495 88x300 Aqueous propolis A P V 15 ml

It is also called the extract of propolis on shungite, or aqueous propolis Tentorium
Why is the A P V aqueous extract of propolis based on shungite water?
This is a 5% liquid extract of dark propolis on shungite water ionized by silver

Shungite is a truly mystical stone
Besides having plenty of beneficial properties it also charges the water, when dipped into it

Confirmation of this – the unique healing springs flowing through the shungite deposits, and known since ancient times
Water, cleansed by shungite, becomes “living”, i.e. gets antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
This water has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and disinfecting properties

And water, charged by ions of silver, increases its properties many times
Because silver is necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the human immune system

The 5% extract of dark propolis – the most valuable and useful among all of its kinds – is being produced exactly based on this “living” water
Thus, the Tentorium company gets the unique product A P V Tentorium – propolis on shungite water

The aqueous A P V is suitable for external, as well as for internal use

Tentorium video

About health benefits of propolis, you may learn from this video

The aqueous extract of dark propolis APV Tentorium: properties

Increases immunity
image Aqueous propolis A P V 15 mlPromotes cell regeneration
Cleanses the body of toxins
Fights infections, viruses, and microbes
Restores microflora
Heals and strengthens the whole body.
Is effective in infertility,
Stops inflammatory processes in the body

Moreover, A P V Tentorium or the propolis aqueous extract is non-addictive even during long courses of treatment

In case of overdose by A P V it won’t threaten your health, because of the side effects of its application are absent, except idiosyncrasy of propolis or shungite!
A P V Tentorium also promotes the significant improvement of vision
That’s why it’s regarded to be one of the most effective natural medicines for the eyes

A P V Tentorium: instruction for useA P V1 Aqueous propolis A P V 15 ml

Shake the A P V extract Tentorium every time before use
To reach the maximum effect in restoring vision the intake of the A P V extract Tentorium should be combined with use of the Bilberry dragee

As an eye drops A P V Tentorium should be instilled for 3-4 times a day by 2 drops in each eye
The duration of the treatment course is 1,5-2 months

Read more about application of the propolis aqueous extract A P V Tentorium according to Zhdanov’s methods HERE  A P V Zhdanov

In atrophy of the optic nerve and conjunctivitis, A P V Tentorium should be instilled by 1 drop in each eye 3 times a day
The duration of the treatment course is ten days, followed by 5 days break, after which the course should be repeated again

The A P V extract Tentorium eliminates the high eye pressure
Especially A P V is effective in conjunctivitis
For this purpose, it should be instilled by two drops in each eye for 2-3 times a day until healing
When cataracts, astigmatism, restoring vision after surgery, injuries, cuts, chemical burns, and after inflammation of the cornea (keratitis) and degeneration of the retina the A P V extract  Tentorium should be applied according to the following scheme:

Two drops into the eye during three days for two times a day
Then three times a day during three days
Then four times a day during three days

During the next 30-40 days, the drops should be dripped by two drops for six times a day

The given course of treatment might be repeated after one month break, but not oftener than 2-3 times a year


For too sensitive eyes the A P V propolis extract Tentorium should be diluted before use with saline (or cooled boiled water) in equal proportions
However, depending on the degree of sensitivity of the eye, the ratio of the A P V extract and water can be brought to 1: 6
If you are able to endure the pure undiluted extract A P V Tentorium, it is better to use it in the course of treatment
The effect of A P V Tentorium will be repeatedly strengthened if, after installation of the eyes, you blink carefully and roll them in different directions

Aqueous propolis A P V is also widely used for the treatment of different ENT-diseases, such as:propolis apv 191x300 Aqueous propolis A P V 15 ml

the common cold
rhinitis, nasal congestion

In the treatment of the common cold, rhinitis, inflammation of the sinuses, adenoids in children the A P V extract Tentorium should be instilled by 2 – 3 drops in each nostril
The procedure should be repeated from 6 to 10 times per day

In treatment of these disorders among children under 3 years the A P V aqueous propolis should be previously diluted with cooled boiled water in a ratio of from 1: 3 to 1: 6 depending on the degree of sensitivity, and age of the child

For children 3-8 years, the ratio of the A P V extract and the water is from 1: 1 to 1: 3
The aqueous propolis A P V can be used absolutely safe in installation of nose at children, even the youngest
To children older than 8 years and adults A P V Tentorium should be instilled in pure form

A P V in otitis

For the treatment of ear infections, hearing loss and auditory nerve neuritis the A P V aqueous extract is also used in the form of drops
A P V is the most secure medicine for the ear in cases of inflammation
A P V Tentorium should be instilled in each ear by 3-5 drops for 3-4 times a day
The cotton tampon should be inserted into the ear after the procedure
To dilute the A P V extract with water is not required in this case

A sore throat and tonsillitis, bronchitis and acute respiratory infections are treated by the rinses with A P V Tentorium
With this purpose, 25-30 drops of the aqueous extract of dark propolis should be diluted with a half of glass of warm boiled water
The procedure should be repeated from 4 to 6 times a day

A P V tentorium Aqueous propolis A P V 15 ml

A P V for prevention of flu

A P V  Tentorium is a wonderful cure for prevention of flu. With this purpose, a few drops of extract should be added to glass of water
The solution should be thoroughly mixed and then taken inside
It is good to wash mouth with this mixture for 15 seconds before every sip

A P V is recommended for children including babies under three months, sucklings, and newborns
It’s absolutely safe to apply

A P V tentorium for children: instruction for usepropolis2 300x224 Aqueous propolis A P V 15 ml

The quantity of drops of the A P V extract equals to the number of months of life
The extract should be diluted in one teaspoon of cooled boiled water, and then instilled on the child’s tongue in 30 minutes before each feeding – the number of months equals to the number of drops for one intake

For children under three years, old 3-5 drops of extract should be added to one teaspoon of water
This solution should be taken 3-4 times a day

For children of 3-8 y.o. 5-10 drops of the A P V extract should be added to one tablespoon of water
This solution should be taken 4-6 times a day

For children from 8 y.o. and adults 10-12 drops of A P V Tentorium should be added to one tablespoon of water
The resultant solution should be taken for 4-6 times per day

A P V in gynecology

The A P V extract Tentorium heals from women’s gynecological diseases
The syringing should be conducted by using tampons soaked in the A P V extract Tentorium
During pregnancy, A P V should be taken according to usual scheme

A P V in andrologypropolis tentorium 300x300 Aqueous propolis A P V 15 ml

The A P V extract Tentorium does not just help to solve the skin

problems, this extract is simply irreplaceable for skin diseases, such as pimples, acne, boils. It’s enough to use regularly the extract of propolis for washing
If you apply A P V for acne, then you will see significant improvement in your skin just in a few days
A P V Tentorium is widely and effectively used in dermatology
It is also effective in allergic reactions

It should be taken according to the following scheme

Twice a day, mix the A P V extract with one tablespoon of cooled boiled water, wherein
two drops in the first day
four drops in the second day six drops in the third day
eight drops in the fourth day
ten drops in the fifth day and the following 25-30 days

In severe allergy, A P V Tentorium should be taken with one tablespoon of water two times a day according to the following scheme

two drops in the first day
four drops in the second day
six drops in the third day
eight drops in the fourth day
ten drops in the fifth day and during the next days until the course of treatment equals to 25-30 days

You can then proceed to the main course of treatment of allergy

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, A P V Tentorium is applied to the affected area in the form of applications

A P V in stomatology

The A P V extract helps in an acute toothache – a piece of wadding should be wetted by aqueous extract with this purpose and applied to the gums of the aching tooth

A P V Tentorium: packing

A P V 100 ml
A P V 200 ml 

A P V Tentorium: storage and term of expiry

The term of expiry, specified on label, is six months, though an aqueous propolis could be preserved for a long time

So use it safely, even if the actual term came to an end


We invite those, who wants to improve significantly his/her health, to join the free wellness program for adults and children.

This unique system of recovery includes

qualitative change in nutrition
harmonious implementation of feasible physical activities in life
acquaintanceship with the live products Tentorium
and, if necessary, carrying out antiparasitic cleaning

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After completing the order, we will contact you to agree on how exactly you want to get products

About how the company Tentorium monitors the quality of its products, please read in the following article Tentorium Quality

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Comments (10)

  • kalella, 10.07.2013 19:21

    Not long ago I dared to try vaunted A P V Tentorium. First, I’ve purchased a small bottle for nasal instillation of me and my family, including children. I diluted it with water for them. Maybe that’s why it had no special effect on them, while I’m happy with the result – nasal congestion is gone!

  • Elena twicemom, 04.08.2013 19:23

    Oh, I do not like this network marketing of yours – simply do not trust. And here the friend insisted: “Buy it, just buy!” And she is one, whom I trust, especially because she is not financially interested – being not a distributor of the company.
    I’ve bought a small A P V, because I use the pharmacy propolis for a long time, but I didn’t risk to give it to kids, as it has alcohol in content.
    I was astonished with the results – with the very first instillation the nasal congestion was gone, as if it never occurred.
    I treated by it sore throat of my elder son. The results are no less stunning! Now we use A P V as the only tool for prevention of diseases. And became to get sick three times less! Just can’t believe!
    Don’t visit the pharmacy for a long time, just go to the office of Tentorium!

  • verunchik 25, 15.08.2013 19:24

    I trusted to A P V because of being joyed by its content – the aqueous propolis extract. I remember still my grandma used propolis to treat all kinds of diseases.
    When rhinitis I drip some drops into the nose and forget about nasal congestion. If the throat starts to ache – then drip it with a syringe right on the tonsils (without the needle of course!).
    How we lived without it before? And how right were our grandmothers!

  • verbeena, 02.09.2013 19:25

    I wear eye-lenses for half of my life and work at computer, watch TV at home in the evening – it turns out that the eyes almost have no rest, hurt, the vision becomes even weaker. I’ve tried plenty of things, but without success. Accidentally I saw the advertisement of the Tentorium company in Internet and decided to try as eye-drops – A P V. I dripped a few drops of A P V exactly into the eyes regularly, 5 times a day.
    After some days I’ve felt the improvement – there were less mulligrubs and hurt into the eyes, less feeling of fatigue. By the way, simultaneously I was applying the Bilberry dragee.
    I think this gave such an effect! The ophthalmologist confirmed – yes, the vision has really improved. Couldn’t believe in my happiness, and now advise Tentorium to everybody!

  • Viktoria, 10.09.2013 19:25

    I apply A P V in all the directions:
    - instillation of eyes, when they are tired. By the way, it helps in conjunctivitis too!
    - instillation of mouth and throat, when cough is about to start
    - nasal instillation when rhinitis.
    The unique propolis extract fights bacteria, viruses, disinfects and softens. I would recommend this natural medicine to all!

  • Znatok2011, 17.09.2013 19:26

    What an amazing product A P V Tentorium! Almost immediately it heals little wounds, improves the appearance of the skin, soothes the tired eyes, clears the nasal cavity from mucus.
    I do not regret that I tried it!

  • sawwanna, 16.12.2013 14:43

    These days my son (he is 3,6 y.o.) have caught some virus – his eyes became red because of it, whites of the eyes – it looked like beginning of conjunctivitis. The eyelashes stuck together in the morning – he could hardly open the eyes. I panicked at first, because heard many unpleasant things about this disease, then I remembered that I had a little bit A P V left in the locker. I was looking in internet the feedbacks about it – as a cure for eyes. I was afraid to drip it into the eyes, but there was no choice – and I’ve dared! I didn’t want to use pharmacy drops, which acquaintance ophthalmologist advised… You may not believe it, but beginning to drip in the morning, till the evening I have noticed the obvious improvement – there were much less redness, swelling disappeared, the mucus secretion ceased. The only problem was to persuade the child to let dripping, otherwise I would drip more than twice a day! I alternated the drops with a decoction of chamomile, with which simply wetted the eyes and made compresses for a while. Thanks, Tentorium! My son is almost healthy! Today is just the second day of treatment, and redness practically disappeared at all!

  • Agata, 16.12.2013 14:55

    Your A P V became a real lifesaver for me in an aggravation of allergies. Winter, foretaste of the New Year, tangerines… And I was allergic to them once. When eat by little – everything’s ok. But this year I just pounced on them and the facial skin became red as the result. All anything, but these spots ache and itch. I urgently dripped A P V on a cotton pad and smeared the problem areas. The pain ceased for a while, in evening after washing I repeated the procedure. In the morning I got clear skin and good mood! Decided to stock it for the full program – there are still so many holidays with citrus!

  • Taras, 01.06.2014 10:13

    A P V is a truly amazing product, it substitutes for me the medicines from common colds, as well as protects from infectious diseases. The only its disadvantage is price. I understand, the products comes from Russia, they have different economics there, different prices, but our pensioners (I live in Ukraine) have hard life, in fact they are the most unsecured and sick people, at least here.

    • , 14.06.2014 09:09

      Thanks for your feedback, Taras. Our pensioners are poor – it’s true, but if you look at the prices in pharmacies, for example, for similar eye or nasal drops, then they are often higher.

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