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/ Popular products / Anti stress course Tentorium (program)

Anti stress course Tentorium (program)

Anti stress course Tentorium (program)

The Anti stress and toning up program Tentorium is a combination of the most popular products of the company: A P V aqueous propolis extract 100 g, cream Tentorium with bee venom 90 g, the nourishing dragee Tentorium Pus with bee pollen 100 g. This program will help you to relax your nervous system, will relieve accumulated stress and strengthen the immune system. After completing this program you will see not only how your health improves, but also will get a good mood for every day and harmony with yourself. The program is suitable for youngest children, as well as for the elderly.
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Anti stress course Tentorium (program)

Anti stress and toning up proram: content

Tentorium Plus dragee 100 g
Tentorium cream 100 g
A P V aqueous propolis extract 100 ml

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The company Tentorium specially designs the newest and effective unique products based on beekeeping gifts, combining them into the health programs
Exactly in complex, they strengthen and increase the healing properties of each other!
One of these programs is the anti-stress course, called  the Anti stress and toning up program Tentorium, the tasks of which are

to relax your tense nervous system
to get rid of accumulated stress
to increase efficiency of the immune system

The Anti-stress and toning up program Tentorium will help your organism to be stronger, more healthy and harmoniousАнтистрессовая программа тенториум 1024x680 Anti stress course Tentorium (program)
All the components of the anti stress course Tentorium are produced of exclusively natural bee products
The Anti stress and toning up program Tentorium will help you to see the world by quite the different eyes – the eyes of a quiet, self-sufficient person
After completing the anti stress course Tentorium:

your colleagues won’t be so annoying to you anymore
the family will become a place of rest, not a battlefield of sexes
you will often want to be outdoors
and walk more

In short, you will meet every morning of your happy life with a smile and be reluctant to take leave of the passing day!
Your body will be full of vitality and wellness will bring good mood!
Are you ready to start the new life without stresses?
The Anti-stress and toning up program Tentorium is exactly what you need!

Tentorium plus dragee

АЗП 1024x680 Anti stress course Tentorium (program)

The Tentorium Plus dragee will support your tired of stresses organism from inside, will saturate it with all the necessary vitamins, will shape the work of the internal organs and give them vitality

Tentorium plus dragee: content

flower pollen

The dragee consists totally of the natural components – the beekeeping products of high quality
The flower pollen is a concentrate of biologically active substances
It contains all the necessary vitamins, enzymes and amino acids balanced by nature, it is full of vitamins and minerals
The beneficial effect of the flower pollen on human’s body is truly unique

Flower pollen: properties

it slows the aging process by activating the regeneration of cells
strengthens the immune system
eliminates beriberi
tones the whole body improvesТ плюс 1024x675 Anti stress course Tentorium (program) overall psychological state in depression and stress
normalizes metabolism
stabilizes the pressure
helps to get rid of the extra kilos or to gain missing ones. is effective for male sexual disorders
reduces craving for alcohol and tobacco

And this is not a complete list of all the unique properties of natural pollen

Propolis in content of the dragee also has positive effect on organism and its properties are strengthened by flower pollen
Propolis – is a beeswax, the glue, which is produced by bees from the different resins of the trees to protect their home
Propolis is unique due to its healing properties of a natural antibiotic, it does not break the flora of the body and leaves no side effects
Propolis has the following properties

Т плюс склад 1024x680 Anti stress course Tentorium (program)

wound healing

Propolis is also widely used in treatment of skin diseases, for strengthening the immunity and eliminating beriberi
The beeswax in content of the dragee Tentorium Plus is a natural shell, permanently preserving and retaining all the useful properties of these unique beekeeping products

Cream Tentorium

Крем Тент 1024x680 Anti stress course Tentorium (program)

Cream Tentorium: content

bee venom
propolis extract
horseradish extract

It has long been proven that the bee venom has a stunning property to have beneficial effect on the nerve endings of the skin, giving signals to the central nervous system

Application of the cream Tentorium with bee venom improves the blood circulation and normalizes metabolism
And bee venom is also useful in treatment of the whole number of diseases

skin diseases

And the most important is that the bee venom treats neurological diseases which are caused by stresses
The horseradish extract contains vitamin C, essential oils, various minerals and enzymes
Cream Tentorium is a powerful natural antibiotic, means for wound healing, disinfection, and regeneration
It stops inflammatory processes, improves blood circulation, has a warming effect
Cream Tentorium is effective for massage
Presence of horseradish extract contributes to effective development of connective tissue, relieves muscle spasms, eliminating the stagnation in the tissues

If the cream Tentorium is mixed with other medicinal ointments from Tentorium, their medicinal properties will be supplemented, enhancing  the effectiveness of their components

Aqueous propolis extract A P V

Эй пи ви АЗП 1024x680 Anti stress course Tentorium (program)

This truly invigorating extract has deep and powerful action on the human body, improving the immunity, enhancing its protective functions, eliminating the toxins and wastes

Aqueous propolis extract A P V: content

propolis of high quality,
saturated by shungite, cleansed and silver-ionized water

Living water, obtained with help of amazing natural stone shungite, has property to restore the health of every cell in the human’s body, giving them a positively charged information

Propolis is a unique product, which can truly be called a panacea
This amazing way the Anti stress and toning up program has complex action on your organism – heals it from inside and treats from outside
With each day of the program, you are becoming stronger, healthier, calmer, happier!
Stresses gradually go away from your life – you just do not give them much value, cease to notice them, you find a lot of little reasons to be happy

And your good health, well-being, and a radiant appearance are among them!

During the application of anti stress course Tentorium
it is very important to increase fluid intake – up to three liters a day, but only if you have no special restrictions on health

Anti stress and toning up program Tentorium: how to store

To store in a dry place at a temperature of 18 degrees and a relative humidity of 75%

We invite those, who wants to improve significantly his/her health, to join the free wellness program for adults and children.
This unique system of recovery includes

qualitative change in nutrition
harmonious implementation of feasible physical activities in life
acquaintanceship with the live products Tentorium
and, if necessary, carrying out antiparasitic cleaning

If You have already tried aqueous propolis Anti stress and toning up program Tentorium, write your feedback about it below
May also leave feedback about other products Tentorium

You may buy Anti stress and toning up program in our online-store (Tentorium Online store
After completing the order, we will contact you to agree on how exactly you want to get products
About how the company Tentorium monitors the quality of its products, please read in the following article Tentorium Quality

Download Tentorium catalog HERE

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Comments (3)

  • Elvira, 21.09.2013 17:38

    Oh, those girlfriends! Are always trying something new and advising… So it was with Tentorium, with their anti-stress program. My girlfriend has long been seduced her family by products of this company. Moreover, she gives her child Tentorium products since the very birth! And nothing bad – he grows up healthy! I have long hesitated whether to give a child, after all we have been taught since childhood that honey is a terrible allergen. Butthen I decided.My daughter was a year and a half when I started to smear her with cream Tentorium Ultra, doing the massage. There is also dragee Tentorium in this anti-stress program – started to give to her by little bit. And we used A P V to prevent colds. And were sick less! So, asyousee, there is are sult!

  • Liudmila, 09.07.2014 21:28

    I were advised once to take Tentorium. Everything started with little A P V propolis, which healed quickly my rhinitis, after I were buying the ointment Tentorium with bee venom, applying it on my loin, and it helped somehow. But chronic fatigue was continuing and didn’t go away. And instead of buying pharmacy vitamins I decided to take the Anti stress program. Just a week later, I felt already in a good mood.And after its completion the fatigue vanished and the body as if startled. Now I think to take the full course, because after the program completed, fatigue and stress are back after some time.

  • Pavel Leonidovich, 09.07.2014 21:32

    I also bought once this program. I tell you I felt myself cheerful at once. Of course in order to apply these programs in courses, stress should be excluded from one’s own life, so that the vitamins could be more effective. Unfortunately, the stresses are a part of our life. It’s impossible to escape them. It remains only to eat such programs or to change something in life. For example, to move to the village and to produceone’s own honey.

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