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/ BEAUTY PRODUCTS / Anti-age masks with alginate

Anti-age masks with alginate

Anti-age masks with alginate

Alginate masks Tentorium contain: salts of seaweed of focus and kelp with bee products (peloid, propolis and chitosan). They correct the face shape, promote production of own collagen in skin.
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Anti-age masks with alginate Tentorium

1 package: 6 pcs. by 25 g

Do You want to get quality facial skin care at home?

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You have such an opportunity with Alginate masks Tentorium

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Alginate mask – is a means of cosmetic series, the basis of which are the marine brown algae

The main component of the mask – are alginates, the salts of these algae

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Alginate masks have a stunning rejuvenating effect

They are an important part of the program for skin care in many beauty salons

The professional facial care is available at home now

Anti age masks with alginate

maintain skin moisture balance
improve skin tone, its elasticity
make correction of age changes
smoothe small wrinkles
improve overall skin condition

The set includes six Alginate masks for face

two Alginate masks with propolis
two Alginate masks with chitosan
two Alginate masks with peloid

Alginate facial mask with propolis

antioxidant effect
early aging
lifting effect


sodium alginate

Alginate facial mask with chitosan

powerful moisturizing effect
extremely soft and smooth skin


sodium alginate

Alginate facial mask with peloid

regeneration of skin cells
alignment and improvement of face color
removing the traces of stress and fatigue


sodium alginate

Anti-age masks with alginate Tentorium: instruction for use

To get the maximum effect when applying the mask, follow these guidelines

empty the content of one package into a dry container, add 75 ml of cold water or of the room temperature (the volume of water is equal to the volume of dry substance)
mix dry substance and water until a homogeneous mass during five minutes (!)
apply the mixture on the face by a layer of 5 mm
turn on the pleasant music and relax for 20 minutes
remove the mask from the face – from bottom to top

Anti-age masks with alginate Tentorium: reviews

Alginate masks are the important part of popular facial and body care programs in beauty salons

They are suitable for all skin types

“The main advantage of Alginate mask Tentorium is super moisturizing
This is exactly what the skin needs in every age, therefore the mask can be safely used in 40, as well as in 30 years old
The mask is amazingly effective!
It creates wonders!
I really became feeling 5 or even 7 years younger after applying the mask
This mask lets You look irresistible in any age!”

Vetoshkina Marina, President-Director, Izhevsk

“I was among the first who tried the company’s new product – the Alginate mask
The result has exceeded all expectations!
The mask Tentorium is easy to remove and gives moisturizing effect for the whole day!
The skin becomes amazingly soft, tightened and radiant
This is the best remedy for mature skin
I am very glad that the company has developed such a wonderful mask and looking forward to its entry to the market.”

Dolgodvorova Natalia, President-Director, Yekaterinburg

Rate the miraculous power of alginate masks Tentorium and you too!


We invite those, who wants to improve significantly his/her health, to join the free wellness program for adults and children.
This unique system of recovery includes

qualitative change in nutrition
harmonious implementation of feasible physical activities in life
acquaintanceship with the live products Tentorium
and, if necessary, carrying out antiparasitic cleaning

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Comments (2)

  • Ten’kova Nastya, 22.09.2013 13:58

    I am 33 and have a very dry skin.
    I’ve made already three masks of six recommended.
    Very pleased by effect.
    And the price is acceptable for me, the salons of our city do not offer such a procedure, and something similar costs much more expensive.
    I recommend it!

  • Anna, 26.12.2013 01:13

    Once tasted spa treatment with algae mask in a beauty salon, a friend recommended. The effect, of course, great, but the price is definitely not for my finances. And once I saw these masks have Tentorium and decided to try it. And there was a fairy tale. Everything in the cabin, the wrinkles and the wrinkles on his face smoothed out, and the skin is rejuvenated, the appearance has changed markedly, and the price … is a more than 2 times cheaper than in the salon !!!!. And above all
    steps to do at home, in a cozy atmosphere. I do not write reviews, but this is the writing from the heart. Well done – the guys from Tentorium. The manager at our office for a long time tried to dispel my doubts about the masks.
    She did it. Of course :-)

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