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News / Wax moth extract Tentorium

Wax moth extract Tentorium

Wax moth extract Tentorium heals tuberculosis!

galleria mellonella 1 Wax moth extract Tentorium

The life of insects is almost identical to people’s life.

Some are thriving, others are disturbed by happiness of someone else.

That’s why the bees’ families have so many enemies.

One of the worst enemies of bees is wax moth or bee moth.

They’ve got such name due to their addiction to beeswax.

Making its way to the hive, wax moth begins to eat the walls of bees’ dwelling, thus destroying it and depriving the bees of shelter.

But even such a harmful, at first glance, insect, may bring inestimable benefit for human health.

The wax moth produce the enzyme – tseraza, which cleaves wax, and is a unique natural medicine.

The point is that, the tubercle bacillus has a structure similar to beeswax.

Thus, tseraza cleaves not only the beeswax, but also the Koch’s bacillus shell – causative agent of tuberculosis.

The enormous contribution to the study of medicinal properties of wax moth was made by the famous Russian scientist Ilya Mechnikov.

His successes in this area were picked up by contemporary researchers, and the unique products, based on bee moth larvae, became the result of many years of work.

Wax moth extract Tentorium: Formula Ra

One of such a unique antituberculous agents is the wax moth extract Formula Ra dragee Tentorium.

The uniqueness of the dragee is as follows: the properties of the enzyme of wax moth are repeatedly enhanced by beekeeping products, contained in it:

waxmoth1degesch 300x228 Wax moth extract Tentorium



flower pollen.

Formula Ra Tentorium effectively heals not only tuberculosis (wax moth extract Tentorium at tuberculosis), but also another diseases of bronchopulmonary system.

The dragee with wax moth extract also strengthens the immunity, saturates the body with vitamins, stabilizes pressure, purifies the blood vessels.

But that’s not all!

This natural remedy from the api-center Tentorium also increases libido, cures sexual dysfunction and even eliminates infertility.

The Formula Ra dragee – is another proof of the uniqueness of the natural medicines!

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