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News / Tentorium quality

Tentorium quality

Tentorium quality

Some words about the quality of the Tentorium company products, we’ll also tell here about the quality of the Tentorium honey.

тенториум качество 1 300x225 Tentorium quality

Which of two, let’s say, traders of mushrooms, has more trust?
Which of two, let’s say, traders of mushrooms, has more trust?

That one, having just come out of the forest, who sits on the chair and sells them directly near the dusty track?
Or that one, who has the sanitary book and works in a large supermarket, where all products are regularly subjected to strict quality control?

Unlikely you will neglect your own health
This gift can’t be purchased for any money
And exactly from this gift, the quality of your life depends

During the entire human, being honey was almost a panacea for all diseases.
No wonder, that it still remains the basic product for nourishment and treatment in many families.high quality comb honey 376 Tentorium quality
Probably, your family also has a jar with this fragrant gift of nature, stored for the winter. 

This is exactly the subject of speculation for some dishonest seekers of easy money
And the high price of honey – alas, is not an indicator of its being natural and qualitative
Ok, if the fraudsters sell simply a useless product
However, in some cases, it may be even dangerous to health!
By the way, according to statistics, honey is one of a number of food products that are most often subjected to tampering.

Honey market is completely littered by fakes from Eastern countries, which, in fact, have little in common with the truly healing honey.
Yes, the honey is also produced there.
But the bees are working there all year round.
And, in fact, instead of honey they produce a sweet syrup, which the deft sellers boil in order to prolong its’ shelf life.

And honey as it’s known, cannot be heated at all!
Natural honey, the real one, is a valuable product, obtained as the result of enormous physical efforts of bees, as well as of human.
That’s why it cannot be cheap!

20170330115508 31620 300x300 Tentorium quality

Beekeeper is obliged to provide the ideal conditions for bees,
and then get and store honey in accordance with GOST conditions.
And these are considerable expenses, just believe!
The company with world name Tentorium complies with all the highest standards of honey business.
Therefore, it may give you 100% guarantee for all its products at every stage of production.
Try to distinguish the natural honey from fake!

The traditional folk methods for determining of fake honey do not work with today’s tricks – so, the fraudsters succeeded in their business.

The Tentorium company uses complex physical and chemical methods for determining of honey origin, makes an uneasy analysis of pollen in order to understand the level of quality of the product, provided by the manufacturer.

тенториум качество Tentorium quality

And the company may declare to their customers in full confidence: “There is no place for fake honey in the Tentorium company, we guarantee the quality of Tentorium products!”

Moreover, the honey, which is used in company’s products, is gathered in uneasy conditions – in high mountains or at the north.
Exactly such a product contains the maximum amount of useful ingredients.
The bees survive in these areas, and they are very keen to fill their honey with vitamins for the whole winter.
The Tentorium company conducts its research on expensive innovative equipment in the laboratory conditions at the Tentorium-RULAND plant.

The museum strains of germs and bacteria, purchased specifically for this purpose in America, help specialists of the company to conduct a more detailed study of the properties of each beekeeping product.

The company’s technologies enable you to track every batch of honey for susceptibility to infection by microbes that can cause serious infectious diseases.
In order to be called “Tentorium Honey”, each product goes through 18 biometric analyzes on the content of harmful impurities, as well as of salts of heavy metals and antibiotics.
But at the same time technologists of the company are doing everything to save valuable unique properties of beekeeping products.
That’s why the Tentorium-RULAND plant uses temperature for dissolving honey not more than 40 degrees, above which, as you know, honey should not be heated

тенторуим качество Tentorium quality

It turns out, that each batch needs three days to be dissolved, and these are considerable financial costs.
And this is everything for your sake, dear Customers!
We are persuaded, that every jar of the Tentorium honey will significantly improve your health because the Tentorium quality is a priority for the Company.
The basic manufacturing law of the company is a strict control at every stage of manufacture.
It includes a selection of professional personnel, as well as sterility and maintaining high standards in the places of manufacture.

We spend a lot of efforts and resources so that you could use only high-quality products having the name of Tentorium.
We do not overstate the prices of our products.
Moreover, for the last 4 years, the inflation rate was 40%, but the cost of goods of the Tentorium company remained the same.
The most popular products turned to be unprofitable because of this.
Council of the company has decided to conduct a small correction of prices on those products in the order you were able to further to use them.
In agreement with the leaders of distribution, the Company has corrected the prices of final products, taking into account all the costs.

So today, even in a crisis of 2014 we do not increase the prices because the basic raw material is completely from Russia.

And finally, let me tell you the ancient Eastern parable of honey.

Hajes Nasreddin was a guest of the greedy rich man.
They were given scones with honey for lunch.
The master has shown concern: “Do not eat a lot of honey, or you will get a sick heart!”
On what the witted guest replied: “Don’t worry! The one who eats honey will never have a sick heart! “

So eat honey and be healthy!

Buying the Tentorium products in our store, you can be sure of excellent terms of preservation of the products and of maintaining all the rules and terms of sale.

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