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News / Spirulina nutrition Tentorium

Spirulina nutrition Tentorium

Spirulina nutrition Tentorium at cancer and diabetes

Miracle cure from the bottom of the sea!

alga honlap Spirulina nutrition Tentorium

As you know, the water creates life and gives health.

And, probably, it’s not accidentally, that the most amazing plant on earth has arisen and lives in water.

It’s about spirulina nutrition Tentorium and Api-Spira dragee Tentorium in particular.

From the more than 30000 algae, growing on the bottom of the river, lake, sea and ocean, only this one – the little blue-green alga, which resembles a loofah, has such unique properties.

What are they?

Spirulina nutrition Tentorium: Api-Spira dragee

Strengthens the immunity

wpid spirulina powder 1024x570 300x166 Spirulina nutrition Tentorium

Restores the body’s defenses

Cleanses the body of toxins and wastes

Effectively cleans the blood

Increases sexual desire

Nourishes brain cells and improves blood circulation

Reduces cravings for alcohol and nicotine

Helps to cleanse the liver

Lowers cholesterol

Heals “female” diseases

Normalizes hormonal system

Improves metabolism

Normalizes the digestive tract

Relieves chronic fatigue syndrome

Helps at migraines and insomnia

Slows the aging process

Activates cell regeneration processes

Successfully treats arthritis

Increases hemoglobin

Lowers blood sugar

And the most important is that spirulina Tentorium stops the division of cancer cells! (spirulina nutrition and cancer)

The useful properties of spirulina are endless – so beneficial effect it has on human’s body. It’s explained by its unique composition.

апи спира тенториум 300x275 Spirulina nutrition Tentorium

Spirulina nutrition Tentorium: composition

Спирулина 02 300x173 Spirulina nutrition Tentorium

18 amino acids

The most valuable easily digestible protein


Vitamins (including, a rare guest in plant food – B12)

Plant enzymes


By the way, due to this perfectly balanced composition, spirulina is the most ancient living organism among all now living on earth.

Therefore, it has long been used in folk medicine.

About spirulina - the world’s healthiest superfood, You may learn more from this video:

Spirulina nutrition at diabetes: learn how spirulina helps to those having type 2 diabetes

Of course, the Tentorium company just could not pass by this valuable plant and created the Api-Spira dragee, beneficial properties of which you may check on your own experience!

01bf03da471fb465c12fb02450b3a04a 300x177 Spirulina nutrition Tentorium

About the Api-Spira composition and Api-Spira price, as well as Api-Spira feedbacks You may learn on product’s page HERE

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