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News / Shilajit products or mymio Tentorium

Shilajit products or mymio Tentorium

Shilajit products or about mymio Tentorium

Mymio Tentorium – all the most valuable from the mountains!

The mountains are valuable for us not only due to their picturesque view, clean and fresh air, but also due to the wonderful natural medicine, which is named the mountains’ balm – mymio Tentorium.

мумие тенториум Shilajit products or mymio Tentorium

In the rock crevices of Altai, Caucasus, Siberia and Asia a resin is accumulated, in which, in its turn, its own unique ecosystem is being formed.

This sticky resin collects insects and small animals, their excrement, plants, lichens, roots of trees, minerals.

All this motley composition eventually becomes a single homogeneous mass, which has unique healing properties.

That’s why the shilajit products Tentorium have such a complex composition:

organic acids,

various minerals

metal oxides,


amino acids,

essential oils,


and unique high-molecular compounds.

To learn more about mymio, or shilajit and its’ health benefits you may from this video.

Mymio has been known long time before our era, since then its useful properties had healed thousands of people from various ailments.

Shilajit products Tentorium: properties

Here are such a variety of properties, which the mountains’ balm mymio and shilajit products of the Tentorium company possess.

Honey with mymio properties, Assil application

Stops inflammatory processes in the organism

Cleanses the body of putrefying accumulations

It is a natural antiseptic

Strengthens the immune system

Participates in the production of human DNA

Normalizes metabolism

Activates cell regeneration processes

Strengthens bones and promotes their rapid healing after fractures

Normalizes the function of the cardiovascular system

Lowers blood sugar

Increases the body’s resistance to infectious diseases

Normalizes weight

The Tentorium company’s products, based on this wonderful mountain substance, have the same beneficial properties.

That’s why Honey with mymio and the Assil balm are so effective in treatment of numerous diseases and in general healing of the organism.

мед с мумие тенториум применение 300x228 Shilajit products or mymio Tentorium

ассиль тенториум 2 300x228 Shilajit products or mymio Tentorium

Thanks for your interest to the wonderful products Tentorium

If You have already tried shilajit productsHoney with mymio and the Assil balm Tentorium – please, write your feedback about them below.

Honey with mymio feedbacks are HERE (under the product’s description)

The Assil balm feedbacks are HERE (under the product’s description)

Both, Honey with mymio Tentorium and the Assil balm Tentorium are available in our online-store (Tentorium Online store www.tentorium1.com)

After completing the order, we will contact you to agree on how exactly you want to get products

For your convenience we have made the products delivery free of charge

The details are HERE

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