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News / Royal jelly production Tentorium

Royal jelly production Tentorium

Royal jelly production Tentorium

Royal jelly production Tentorium: from bees with love

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Milk – is the most amazing product on Earth.

No matter, whether it’s given by woman, cow, cat or bee.

Milk – is a product of love, of its most important kind – mother love.

There are no feelings more tender than maternal.

That’s why the nature itself awards the loving female, embodying her feelings in milk.

That’s why the World Health Organization recommends to breastfeed children at least for two years, that is why the amazing properties of cow’s and goat’s milk were glorified at all times, that’s why the mammals are the most developed type, than others.

That’s why the bees – these perfect insects – are able to produce the bees’ milkroyal jelly.

Nursing bees emit special secret from their maxillary glands, which fills the uterine cells.

The queen bees, which give birth to entire generations, are formed exactly inside those cells.

Royal jelly 300x200 Royal jelly production Tentorium

The researchers are convinced that nutrition with royal jelly makes the queen bee so unique.

Because she is the only, able to reproduce the posterity!

By the way, the queen bee lives far longer than ordinary bees – in average about 7 or even 10 years.

The life duration of working bees is only 40 days.

That’s why royal jelly is rightfully called the elixir of longevity!

royaljelly Royal jelly production Tentorium

Royal jelly production: natural composition

22 essential amino acids,

perfectly balanced fats




trace elements,


biologically active substances

and enzymes.

Royal jelly is an invaluable product for human.

Especially that the scientists agree in opinion, that the structures of the human body and of the bee have a lot in common.

Royal jelly production: properties

Significantly strengthens the immune system

Activates the body’s own protective function

Relieves physical fatigue

Relieves nervous stress

Increases endurance and performance

Improves general tonus of the organism

Improves sleeping and appetite

It promotes milk production in lactating women

Normalizes metabolism

Clears the body of toxins, wastes, radionuclides

Improves and stabilizes the gastrointestinal tract

Promotes physical and mental development of children

It has antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties

It is an effective means of preventing cancer

Stabilizes blood pressure

Strengthens the walls of blood vessels

Strengthens the heart muscle

Prolongs the period of “active old age”

Increases libido

Heals infertility

1373712091 11 Royal jelly production Tentorium

More information about royal jelly benefits You may learn from this video:

The Tentorium company, knowing about the beneficial properties of royal jelly not by hearsay, widely use it in its products.

The company’s technologies have developed and embodied into life the unique way of storing this valuable product.

Conservation of royal jelly by a small amount of honey makes it possible to keep its unique qualities for a long time.

The Tentorium royal jelly production is not subjected to thermal treatment during manufacturing process, that also keeps its remarkable structure unchanged.

Royal jelly production Tentorium

The honey blend with propolis and royal jelly Apitok Tentorium (2% inclusion of royal jelly).

апиток тенториум цена 300x228 Royal jelly production Tentorium

The honey blend with royal jelly Apitonus Tentorium (2% inclusion of royal jelly).

апитонус тенториум купить 300x230 Royal jelly production Tentorium

The honey blend with pollen and royal jelly Apifitotonus Tentorium (2% inclusion of royal jelly).

апифитотонус тенториум мед 300x228 Royal jelly production Tentorium

The Bee-Active dragee with royal jelly and pine nuts.

биоэктив тенториум 300x228 Royal jelly production Tentorium

Milkshake with royal jelly.

молочный коктейль с маточным молочком тенториум 300x228 Royal jelly production Tentorium

The Cream for eyelids with royal jelly (cosmetic collection)

крем гель для век тенториум 300x228 Royal jelly production Tentorium

You also should try this unique means with royal jelly – the products of love of the bees to their queen bee and of the Tentorium company to its customers!

The price of  royal jelly production Tentorium is absolutely reasonable, since each gram of bee royal jelly costs from 60 g. per gram.

The Tentorium honey with royal jelly:

each 100 g. of honey contains 2 g. of royal jelly, and therefore, the jar of 300 g. has 6 g. (!!!) of the most valuable royal jelly.

Thanks for your interest to the wonderful products Tentorium

If You have already tired the Tentorium honey with royal jelly or Bee-Active Tentorium – please, write your feedback about them below.

You may buy the Tentorium royal jelly production in our online-store (Tentorium online-store www.tentorium1.com)

After completing the order, we will contact you to agree on how exactly you want to get products

For your convenience we have made the products delivery free of charge

The details are HERE

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