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News / Propolis products Tentorium

Propolis products Tentorium

Be acquainted – propolis products Tentorium!

прополис тенториум отзывы Propolis products Tentorium

Little cute hardworking insects – the bees – are always looking for good things in life!

bee 300x222 Propolis products Tentorium

Look to them carefully: people can even follow their example

Bees always fly to the flowers, attracted by their aroma and sweetness of nectar

they are engaged in the production of tasty and healthy honey

they have big and well-organized families where each member has its place and its task

they have strong and carefully planned dwellings

By the way, the bees homes – the hives – are really planned by hardworking insects very thoroughly, with use of so called nanotechnologies.

The point is that in order to protect their homes from bacteria, viruses, pests, enemies, as well as for their strength and reliability, the bees use a truly unique ingredient – propolis.

By propolis the bees carefully cover the nests for the future descendants, with its help they prevent decomposition of the dead from the bee stings enemies, which wormed their way into the hive.

That is why the word “propolis” in Greek language means “defense of the fortress.”

So, what is propolis?

Propolis – is the tar of the trees’ buds, collected and processed by bees.

It appears on the buds in spring, thus, contains a lot of useful ingredients.

What else does propolis contain?

These vegetable resins, saturated with valuable substances, make up to 50-60% of the content of propolis.

Everything else are

91947042 2 300x187 Propolis products Tentorium


tanning substances

essential oils



phenolic compounds

unsaturated fatty acids



nitrogenous substances

amino acids


Agree, that pretty impressive list!

Due to its amazing composition, propolis has properties valuable not only for the bees, but also for human.

That is why propolis products of the Tentorium company make the real wonders!

Propolis products: properties












heals numerous diseases

improves the immune system

activates protective functions of the body

normalizes the functioning of all organs

About the benefits of propolis you may learn from this video:

Propolis products Tentorium

For the years of its activity the Tentorium company had been proven the viability of the ancient folk healing recipes with propolis.

They form the basis of the company’s products.

And in combination with high modern technologies they become almost a panacea.

The technologists of the Tentorium company treat propolis very carefully and do not expose it to heat treatment, thus, keeping unchanged its unique composition and, of course, its useful properties

The list of Tentorium products, based on propolis, as well as the products, based on propolis, which You may purchase in our online-store Tentorium, and also feedbacks about propolis products Tentorium you may find below each product’s description.

Honey blends with propolis Apitok or Topolyok

Products, based on vegetable Apibalm 1 or animal oil Apibalm 2

Alcoholic extract Product №1 Pegus or aqueous extract A-P-V or so called aqueous propolis Tentorium, which is recommended by Professor Zhdanov in his lectures

Dry propolis with cinnamon for preparing of healing beverage – Home propolis Tentorium

The Tentorium propolis is included also in all cosmetic products, as a natural preservative

The Tentorium propolis is present in all nourishing dragee, as a natural preservative as well

You may buy any product of the Tentorium company in our online-store (Tentorium online-store www.tentorium1.com)

After completing the order, we will contact you to agree on how exactly you want to get products

For your convenience we have made the products delivery free of charge

The details are HERE

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