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News / Lecithin products Tentorium

Lecithin products Tentorium

Lecithin products Tentorium

Lecithin – is the best building material for your cells!

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Lecithin is the most important building material for cells. It supplies them by all the necessary nutrients. Due to use of lecithin products Tentorium the intercellular space is actively being formed, already dead cells are being updated, the liver, as well as nervous system and brain cells, are normally functioning (by the way, did you know that your liver consists on half of the lecithin ?!) Sometimes it happens that the liver, which is the main producer of lecithin inside the organism, cannot produce it in sufficient quantities. How it threatens the organism?

violation of the cells’ work

diseases of the liver and biliary system

cholesterol plaques

deposition of slags

accumulation of bile in the body

increasing pressure

the general weakening of the body

Then food products come to the aid of liver. A sufficient quantity of lecithin to maintain the health is contained in peas, in sunflower seeds, in soybean, in corn. The lecithin is also present in animal products – meat and egg yolks. However, vegetable lecithin, in soya for example, is better absorbed by the body and reduces blood cholesterol level. And the lecithin  is digested even better, when combined with natural honey of high quality. Exactly these components are contained in the honey blend Tentorium Honey with lecithin.

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The use of this delicious and natural product of the Tentorium company provide your cells by the first-class building material for a long time, as well as it provides your body by health!

Thanks for your interest to the wonderful lecithin products Tentorium

On product’s page You may learn more HERE  If You have already tried Honey with lecithin Tentorium – please, write your feedback below. Honey with lecithin is available in our online-store (Tentorium Online store www.tentorium1.com) After completing the order, we will contact you to agree on how exactly you want to get products For your convenience we have made the products delivery free of charge

The details are HERE

Learn more about the Tentorium company and its wonderful products from this video:

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