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News / Eyesight improvement – Methodics by Zhdanov

Eyesight improvement – Methodics by Zhdanov

Eyesight improvement – Methodics by Zhdanov 

Look at the world with healthy eyes!

2011 09 05 saule un acis Eyesight improvement   Methodics by Zhdanov

How amazingly beautiful is the world around us!
Nature is perfect: full of bright colors, ideal shapes, breathtaking views.
So pity, that far from all people can see the world in its whole magnificence and are able to look with difficulty only at its small part.

Yes, unfortunately, the eyes, by which we survey the world around us, is a very delicate instrument.

And if you do not provide them a proper care, the eyesight is gradually lost, the colors of the world fade away, the field of vision is narrowed …

In today’s world, our eyes are exposed to stresses every minute -

radiation of computers
an advertising mess, which flashes on TV-screen street6878 300x297 Eyesight improvement   Methodics by Zhdanov dust
reading books, newspapers and websites

Not everyone will dare on eyes surgery.

And it is also not a way out of the situation – the load on the eyes after surgery will not disappear.

It is necessary to change qualitatively the way of life and to strengthen your own eyesight!

less TV
breaks in the work at the computer
reading under good lighting
protection from urban dust
proper nutrition with plenty of vitamin Ai Eyesight improvement   Methodics by Zhdanovlong walks of nature, so that the eyes could have rest special exercises for eyes, for example, according to the methods of W. Bates and G. Shichko and…
…products of the Tentorium company for eyesight improvement!

Tentorium products for eyesight improvement

In complex with the listed above measures, the following products will be effective for restoring vision (products Tentorium for eyesight improvement)

aqueous extract of propolis A-P-V

эй пи ви 100 200 тенториум 2 Eyesight improvement   Methodics by Zhdanov

the Bilberry dragee with bee bread (it is also called the Bilberry Tentorium or the Bilberry on bee bread)

черника тенториум 180 2 300x228 Eyesight improvement   Methodics by Zhdanov

Learn more about benefits of bilberry with honey for eyes from an experienced health and fitness expert in this video

the cream Tentorium with bee venom

тенториум крем 100 300x228 Eyesight improvement   Methodics by Zhdanov

These are not empty words!

The unique impact of these products on vision have already experienced a lot of people – the company’s Tentorium customers.

sexy eyes Eyesight improvement   Methodics by Zhdanov

The basis of manufacturing technology of these unique products is the ancient knowledge of people about the beneficial effects of certain products on vision.

Propolis, bee venom, bee bread, bilberry – are powerful natural preparations for restoring your eyesight!

All of these means not just carefully take care of your eyes, protecting them from viruses and bacteria, eliminating inflammation and irritation, but also relieve eyes strain and fatigue.

Products of the Tentorium company and method of professor Zhdanov for eyes is suitable both, for pupils and students, who are experiencing tremendous stress on eyes, and for mature people and elderly, who have lost their visual acuity.

Our unique natural products will help you to see the world in all the diversity of its bright colors!

It’s a great pleasure for us, that such a unique person, as professor Pavel Georgievich Zhdanov, recommends the Tentorium company’s products at his lessons.

Namely, the Bilberry dragee and the aqueous propolis A-P-V

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  • Olga, 14.02.2020 03:00

    how can i buy a tentoriym product for eyes?

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