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News / Drone milk supplement Tentorium

Drone milk supplement Tentorium

Drone milk supplement Tentorium

Трутневое молочко тенториум Drone milk supplement Tentorium

Drones – are the male bees. 

In the kingdom of bee matriarchal, alas, they do not play a dominant role – they do not build hives, do not collect pollen, do not make honey.

They do not even govern all these…

They are not even able to sting as it should be!

From the side, they are very similar to the men in dirty T-shirts, sitting lazily at the TV, clicking monotonically the channels, sipping beer and yawning languidly.

But such is the idea of the Mother Nature – its every creature is obviously necessary!

The same is with drones, who are not such loafers and idlers as they are considered to be in popular proverbs.

If there were no drones – there would be no honey, no hives, no queen bee, and no Tentorium!

Such is the important link in the chain of production of honey are these lazy drones.

The point is that at a certain time, called by scientists the mating season, the male bees – drones fertilize the queen bee … and die!

Yes, they sacrifice their lives for the birth of new hard-working bees, for the prosperity of the bee family, for the production of honey.

The short life of drones is of great benefit not only for bees, but for people too

For example for the men, having sexual problems (drone milk supplement at sexual problems).

Drone milk supplement Tentorium

The Drone jelly Tentorium, or the larvae jelly, contains the full range of vitamins and hormones.

трутневое молочко тенториум 2 Drone milk supplement Tentorium

Except that the Drone jelly Tentorium rejuvenates and revitalizes  the whole body, it also increases sexual drive, eliminates sexual disorders, activates the genitals.

Surprisingly, the drone milk supplement Tentorium in some cases even helps with the male and female infertility!

The Drone jelly dragee from Tentorium will be useful not only for men and their second halves, but also for those who wish:

to cleanse their body

to normalize the endocrine system

to improve blood circulation

to strengthen the immunity

to rejuvenate the body

to lower cholesterol

to stabilize pressure

to normalize the work of the cardiovascular system

Such are these idlers – the drones, who sacrifice their short lives to make our lives more happy!

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