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News / Chitosan products Tentorium

Chitosan products Tentorium

Chitosan products Tentorium

Pchelozan (apizan) is the same chitosan or better?

It was first discovered in the mid 19th century.

One century later it has been successfully synthesized.

xitozan тенториум 300x93 Chitosan products Tentorium

After that, the information about the product was completely inaccessible and it was used only by defense authorities.

Thanks to the Tentorium company and personally to Rail’ Khismatullin now everyone may be convinced in the excellent properties of chitosan products Tentorium.

The bee – is a living creature, without exaggeration a unique one!

The result of its work are amazingly delicious products, known to each of us since childhood.

Exactly the bee gives us a lot of other, as delicious, as well as healthy products.

But these sweets – are not all the benefits of a noble insect.

The bee provides invaluable assistance to a human, even by its body.

In the truest sense of the word.

Chitosan Tentorium is a polysaccharide with a large number of free amino groups.

Their presence gives the chitosan Tentorium ability to bind and retain a large amount of nutrients.

In nature, chitosan is present in the shells of crustaceans, in lower fungi, in yeasts, and also in the wings of ladybirds and butterflies.

However, the Tentorium company have found its own unique method of obtaining chitosan, for which it was awarded a silver medal of the Apimondia Congress in 2001.

8 Chitosan products Tentorium

The company’s technologists have learned to obtain chitosan from the chitin shell of bee podmore (the dead bees).  This type of production appeared to be much cheaper, than the expensive synthesis of chitosan from crustacean shells.

The bees’ chitosan is not inferior to its “pagurian colleague” in quantity and quality of mineral properties, and even superior in some of them.

Due to its low molecularity, pchelozan is much faster and more efficiently absorbed by the human body.

Chitosan products Tentorium: properties

Lowers blood cholesterol

Protects the body from radiation exposure

It has antiseptic properties

Activates the regenerative processes in the cells

Normalizes water metabolism, keeping the right amount of moisture in the organism

Strengthens the teeth, bones, hair and nails

Reduces cravings for alcohol and nicotine

It is effective in the treatment of skin diseases

It has wound-healing properties

And, of course, no wonder, that bees’ chitosan is widely used by the Tentorium company in manufacture of the healing products and cosmetics.

The Api-Hit balm Tentorium – is a combination of apizan with high quality beekeeping products.

It makes the Tentorium Api-Hit product effective in treatment of numerous diseases and in overall strengthening of the body.

апихит тенториум 2 300x228 Chitosan products Tentorium

The daily moisturizing cream with chitosan has beneficial effect on skin due to its property to hold the required number of cells in the fluid.

крем дневной увлажняющий тенториум1 300x228 Chitosan products Tentorium

The gingival gel Apident-active, which also contains chitosan, will help you to forget about the problems of mouth and bleeding of gums.

апидент актив гель для десен тенториум 300x228 Chitosan products Tentorium

The bath with Tentorium Salt with chitosan will gently but effectively relieve muscle clamps, calm nerves and fill the body by vitality.

соль с хитозаном тенториум 2 300x228 Chitosan products Tentorium

The Api-comfort spray – is a convenient way to maintain an excellent state of your skin throughout the day.

 апикомфорт спрей для ног тенториум 2 300x228 Chitosan products Tentorium

Milk-and-chitosan cocktail - is not only a delicious treat, but also a real vitamin tonic for your body.

молочный коктейль с хитозаном тенториум 300x228 Chitosan products Tentorium

Thanks to the wonderful discovery of the Tentorium company – pchelozan (apizan) – many people began to feel themselves healthy and full of strength!

Thanks for your interest to the wonderful products Tentorium

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Learn more about the Tentorium company and its wonderful products from this video:

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