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News / Birch chaga extract Tentorium. Extra-Befungin

Birch chaga extract Tentorium. Extra-Befungin

Birch chaga extract Tenorium

The Slavic peoples always identified the birch with something light, native, close to the heart, sweet, modest, kind…

Birch is a symbol of childhood, Motherland, nature.

экстра бефунгин тенториум 300x225 Birch chaga extract Tentorium. Extra Befungin

Besides, this amazing tree may become for you also a symbol of health!

The point is that, besides extraordinary, somewhat maiden beauty, birch has also medicinal properties.

More precisely, the mushroom, that grows on birch.

The birch mushroom, or the chaga fungus – is essentially a parasite, it is an outgrowth on the birch trunk.

However, unlike the other parasites, the chaga mushroom is being formed only on the living, full of power, trees.

It draws life out of the birch, dries it up, but at the same time, becomes a unique medicine itself.

Interesting is the fact that chaga can settle down on rowan and on maple, but it acquires its healing properties while living on birch!

Our ancestors knew about the healing properties of birch fungus-parasite and widely used it in everyday life.

Birch chaga: properties

chaga 211x300 Birch chaga extract Tentorium. Extra Befungin

Indeed, the properties of chaga are amazing

It significantly strengthens the immune system,

Activates and stabilizes the function of all organs of the body,

Improves the blood circulation of the brain,

Stops inflammatory processes in the body,

Normalizes metabolism and gastrointestinal tract

Increases physical endurance and performance,

It stops the growth of pathogenic microbes,

Relieves pain.

But the most important property of birch mushroom is in its unique ability to dissolve tumors and to prevent their appearance.

Due to this birch chaga extract is successfully used in treatment and prevention of oncology.

Learn why chaga is considered to be a top superfood mushroom from this video:

Birch chaga extract: Extra-Befungin Tentorium

This property of the fungus was taken as a basis by the company’s technologists when creating the Extra-Befungin dragee Tentorium.

High-quality beekeeping products, which are also contained in dragee, repeatedly enhanced its beneficial effect on organism.

экстра бефунгин тенториум 2 205x300 Birch chaga extract Tentorium. Extra Befungin

The birch chaga extract in composition of Extra-Befungin Tentorium stops the division of cancer cells, preventing, thus, the growth of malignant tumors.

Upon intake of the dragee, oncological patients noted overall improvement, reduction or complete absence of pain, strengthening the immune system.

Agree, that the natural dragee Extra-Befungin Tentorium is a worthy alternative to chemotherapy!

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