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News / Bilberry supplement on perga from Tentorium

Bilberry supplement on perga from Tentorium

Bilberry supplement on perga

Amazing bilberry: and flavor, and benefits


 Bilberry supplement on perga from Tentorium

Bilberry, as well as all forest berries, grown up in perfect ecosystem, are not only beautiful and delicious, but also are amazingly useful.

Our far ancestors gathered the little black berries into their baskets carefully and respectfully. Oh, they indeed knew that bilberry is able to cure many diseases!

Thanks to ideally balanced content of vitamins, minerals, organic acids and dietary fiber in berry, the bilberry possess the following beneficial properties:

It cleanses the body of toxins

Enhances the process of intoxication in case of poisoning

Reduces cravings for alcohol and tobacco

Strengthens the walls of blood vessels

Normalizes cholesterol

Improves memory

Promotes the removal of kidney stones

Helps in skin diseases

Strengthens the immune system, increasing the protective functions of the body

Normalizes metabolism

Stops inflammatory processes in the body

Activates cell regeneration processes

But, probably, the most known property of the bilberry – is its beneficial influence on organs of vision.

1303481060 Bilberry supplement on perga from Tentorium

Bilberry supplement on perga from Tentorium

Strengthens the ocular fundus

Activates the retina

Increases visual acuity

Improves blood circulation in eyes

And relieves their stress and fatigue

To learn more about health benefits of bilberry at cancer and its healing properties for overall health You may after watching this video:

These widely known properties of bilberry were taken as a basis by the Tentorium company in creating the unique bilberry supplement – the drageeBilberry Tentorium – after all, not every modern man has the opportunity to taste the fresh placer of bilberry.

черника тенториум 180 2 300x228 Bilberry supplement on perga from Tentorium

In combination with bee perga, honey, propolis and flower pollen the forest berry repeatedly strengthens its useful properties, thus ensuring the health of your eyes and visual acuity – Tentorium Bilberry.

And the beeswax, contained in the dragee as a natural preservative, retains the beneficial properties of bilberry and beekeeping products in the Bilberry supplement Tentorium with perga for a long time.

The intake of bilberry supplement Tentorium, by the way, will not only improve your eye vision, but also strengthen the entire organism, improve digestion, deliver from skin problems.

In short, it will distribute all its useful properties, listed above, on your organism.

So, it turns out, that the little forest berry – the bilberry and perga – are not only the flavor, but also the unconditional benefit!

Thanks for your interest to the wonderful products Tentorium

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