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News / Beeswax products Tentorium

Beeswax products Tentorium

Beeswax products Tentorium

Beeswax – one more gift to human from nature!

Perchloroethylene Pce 99 9  Beeswax products Tentorium

When the working bee reaches 12 days age, it stops to produce the royal jelly and starts to produce not less necessary and useful substance – the beeswax. Abdomen of the bee, being full, starts to produce wax with the help of special glands. And if to take into account that the diet of young bees consists entirely of delicacies, useful and natural food (honey, flower pollen), it is easy to assume that the beeswax has a unique in its properties composition. The beeswax contains

vitamins, which, by the way, are retained unchanged even during thermal processing (!)

essential oils

fatty acids


The beeswax is of paramount importance for the bees themselves.

i112636 Beeswax products Tentorium

With its help the hardworking insects create their unique dwellings – the hives. By beeswax they seal up cells with honey, in order to preserve its unique properties as long as possible. That is why this type of beeswax, called zabrus, is considered to be the most useful – it contains even more valuable substances. But the wonderful properties of beeswax are not limited to those mentioned, as it’s so useful for human Our far ancestors knew about this and widely used wax ointments, candles, balms in the treatment of many diseases. thumb svecha 1471 Beeswax products Tentorium Sure!

Beeswax products: application

Protect the skin from UV rays

Soften the skin

Nourish it

Enrich the skin with vitamins (especially by vitamin A, so useful for regeneration of the skin cells) and minerals

Have a regenerating effect

Stop inflammatory processes in the body

Heal wounds, burns and sores

Are very effective in treating diseases of the oral cavity

Are the basis of natural creams and ointments, patches

Are well absorbed, without leaving greasy gloss at the skin and without clogging pores

Treat genyantritis


Are effective in the treatment of arthritis

Fight against cough

Remov warts and youthful acnes

Warm up the muscles and relieves tension in them

Help with muscle cramps and sprains

Nowadays, despite the fact that many people still blindly trust to modern medicine and pharmacology, and are suspicious of naturopathy, the unique ancient recipes begin to be revived.It happens thanks to certain enthusiasts and whole companies, who wish to restore people’s health, which had been lost over the years of ignorance.

The Tentorium company, using the beeswax Tentorium, already more than 25 years successfully revives and applies on practice the most valuable heritage of beekeepers.

The effectiveness of treatment by beekeeping products is confirmed by thousands of people, who had experienced the wonderful healing properties of the Tentorium products.

A unique feature of beeswax to preserve the quality of honey and valuable nutrients in it is widely used by the company’s technologists in the manufacture of dragee.

All ointments and creams of the company are prepared exclusively with natural beeswax of high quality, thus providing a wonderful soothing and nourishing effect for all skin types. And, of course, such a unique product as beeswax, simply could not be used by the Tentorium company in its protogenic form. The company’s specialists have made it in form of candles, very convenient and efficient for treatment of the rhinology diseases.

Beeswax products Tentorium

Any dragee has a micro spherical shell of wax. Being natural preservative it protects and nourishes the dragee by useful elements.

In many products of cosmetic collection the beeswax is used as a moisturizer and a component, which

softens the skin

nourishes it

has anti-inflammatory properties

improves the skin condition

promotes healing of skin lesions such as wounds, burns

forms a protective film, which does not clog pores, and thus, slows the loss of moisture by skin, leaving it smooth, soft and supple

acts as a viscous, stable and preserving foundation

Aside from its nourishing and softening properties, the beeswax also serves as a good viscous, preserving and sustainable foundation.

Candles Tentorium (Candella)

свеча канделла тенториум 3 150x150 Beeswax products Tentorium

Wax candle Tentorium

свеча вощинная тенториум 2 150x150 Beeswax products Tentorium

Ear candles Tentorium (Tentorium candles with propolis)

ушные свечи тенториум 2 150x150 Beeswax products Tentorium

Learn more benefits of beeswax candles from this video:

That’s it – a beeswax – one more unique product, produced by hardworking bees!

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