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News / Beekeeping products Tentorium: history and nowadays

Beekeeping products Tentorium: history and nowadays

Beekeeping products Tentorium: history and nowadays

tentoriumaristov5 Beekeeping products Tentorium: history and nowadays

The Tentorium company: how it started and what it resulted in
The ways of development and establishment of the company should be familiar not only to its employees and partners but also to its customers
After all, such knowledge help to each company to gain their trust
Large corporations are created by ordinary people, who differ from others only because they firmly believe in what they do!
The same was with the Tentorium company
Today one could hardly believe that it all started with one tiny apiary in far 1988

Tentorium is…

In bee’s structure the partition, where all the 12 feelings of insect are located, is called “tentorium”
After 25 years this unusual and sonorous word is a symbol of high-quality beekeeping products all over the world
The Tentorium company is unique due to its being only who use ABSOLUTELY ALL products, produced by bees, in its manufacture

There are ten of them

bee products 300x213 Beekeeping products Tentorium: history and nowadays

perga (bee bread)
bee pollen (pollen load, pollen basket, corbicula)
bee venom
royal jelly
drone jelly
cerase (wax moth larvae extract)
bee chitosan

The company shows very careful attitude to the bees – as our ancestors did.
After all, the manufacture of medical and cosmetic beekeeping products Tentorium is based exactly on the combination of the heritage of beekeepers and achievements of modern technologies.
The company’s mission is: by means of the gifts of nature to return good health to modern people who have lost touch with nature.
This noble aspiration was not left unnoticed, and therefore the company Tentorium was given a number of awards:
Gold medal of the Apicultural Congress Apimondia for the number of products Large Package of Health (South Africa, 2001)

Sustainability Of Bee Produ jpg 300x266 Beekeeping products Tentorium: history and nowadays

The award “European standard” for compliance with European standards of products quality and management Tentorium (Switzerland, 2005)
During Apimondia 2013 in Kiev ex-president of Ukraine, Victor Yushchenko displayed an active interest in Tentorium products, both, to medical preparations and also to cosmetics.
The quality of Tentorium products is determined not only by the basic idea of creating unique medical and cosmetic products but also by the careful supervision of production.
The employees of the company select raw materials of the very high class, quality control is observed both in the production process and at the testing of the final products.
The vitamins Tentorium are being distributed in such a method, which eliminates the possibility of falsification of product.
Therefore, thanks to the bright idea and noble mission, a small apiary in the Perm region has turned into the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality beekeeping products.
The Tentorium beekeeping products can be purchased in any region of Ukraine with help of our online store Tentorium – Tentorium addresses, Tentorium center, Tentorium offices:

pharmacy Tentorium in …

Tentorium in Kiev (Tentorium in Kyiv)
Tentorium in Donetsk
Tentorium in Kharkov (Tentorium in Kharkiv)
Tentorium in Ivano-Frankovsk (Tentorium in Ivano-Frankivsk)
Tentorium in Sumy
Tentorium in Kherson
Tentorium in Zakarpattia (Tentorium in Uzhgorod, Tentorium in Uzhhorod, Tentorium in Mukachevo, Tentorium in Mukacheve)
Tentorium in Crimea (Tentorium in Yalta)
Tentorium in Poltava
Tentorium in Lvov (Tentorium in Lviv)
Tentorium in Rovno (Tentorium in Rivne)bd2000c2d847e2e37ac0f2d785e21cdf ukraine honey 300x225 Beekeeping products Tentorium: history and nowadays
Tentorium in Zaporozhye (Tentorium in Zaporizhia)
Tentorium in Khmelnitsky (Tentorium in Khmelnytskyi)
Tentorium in Ternopol (Tentorium in Ternopil)
Tentorium in Vinnitsa (Tentorium in Vinnytsia)
Tentorium in Zhytomir (Tentorium in Zhytomyr)
Tentorium in Cherkassy (Tentorium in Cherkasy)
Tentorium in Lugansk (Tentorium in Luhansk)
Tentorium in Chernigov (Tentorium in Chernihiv)
Tentorium in Kirovograd (Tentorium in Kirovohrad)
Tentorium in Lutsk
Tentorium in Odessa (Tentorium in Odesa)

Invite you to read feedbacks about the beekeeping products Tentorium (Tentorium feedbacks,  feedbacks about Tentorium products) and make sure that Tentorium – it is not cheating!
You may leave your own feedback at our website in the section Feedbacks – Tentorium doctors, feedbacks of doctors about Tentorium.

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