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News / Beekeeping company Tentorium: welcome to join!

Beekeeping company Tentorium: welcome to join!

Beekeeping company Tentorium: welcome to join!

What is the bees’ uniqueness?

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Probably everyone have seen in life the tireless striped insects, circling above the flowers in spring.

Well, bees and bees…

What is special about them?

It’s just not worth to come close, otherwise they will sting!

And, by the way, the bees will never bite healthy people!

Nevertheless, the injection of bee venom, that is, a bee sting, activates protective functions of the body and sets it to fight against the cause of the disease.

And they are very special not only because of that

The bee has as many as five eyes!

It also has as many as 12 organs of sense!

And it breathes with the help of the abdomen!

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Both, human and bee has identical almost all the enzymes they produce.

The scientists also discovered a surprising fact, that three percent honey water is very similar to human plasma.

Moreover, already after 3 minutes after its birth the working bee is ready to fly for work.

Did many of you dream of such a working ability?!

And some scientists also think that the bees are transitional type between insects and mammals.

After all, it’s the only insect, able to feed their posterity by milk, which contains almost all the amino acids that are present in milk of a woman.

1 prodazha myoda i produktov pchelovodstva Beekeeping company Tentorium: welcome to join!

It is very important to know, that bee honeycombs – the straight hexagons of correct form – completely repeat the structure of our universe, if to convert them into mathematical codes and repeatedly multiply.

Beekeeping products (Tentorium beekeeping company) – are always ecologically clean, even if produced by bees in environmentally disadvantaged areas.

No wonder, that honey, propolis, perga (bee bread), bee pollen, royal jelly, beeswax, bee venom were so highly valued by our ancestors.

Beekeeping, along with the production of bread, was one of the most common activities.

Numerous diseases were treated by bees.

People revered them and respected, took care of bee colonies, trying to create the most natural environment for their life and work.

It’s one of the reasons of our ancestors’ strong health and their longevity.

The beekeeping center Tentorium considers its mission is to restore people’s lost health using bee products of the highest quality!

The ancient heritage of our ancestors, their unique recipes, as well as the achievements of modern technologies, allow the company to make amazing discoveries, for example, to obtain apizan (pchelozan).

The technologists of the Tentorium beekeeping company also carefully study the properties of medicinal plants so that by combining them with beekeeping products in one product preparation it become possible to achieve the gain of medicinal properties of each component.

The company’s specialists carefully treat to the unique insects – bees, to their production and to the heritage of the past.

Exactly these components provide such a high quality of the Tentorium products.

Probably you have tried in search tentorium.ru or www tentorium or simply tentorium site and have got to visit us – the official website of Tentorium Ukraine.

There are many websites of the Tentorium beekeeping company today.

tentorium.ru  – is the official website Tentorium.

I often observe how the people sometimes type in search www tentorium or tentorium he, Tentorium beekeeping, and also often it can be “tentoruim”.

tentorium.ua – is a strong website Tentorium of very respected by me partner in Ukraine.

I represent you my personal Tentorium online store www.tentorium1.com – here you can purchase any products Tentorium, get competent consultation on the use of products.

And also the blog www.bee.ua – the first one from the system I plan to create in internet – it’s a blog for those, who want to learn more about the company as a customer or to learn the latest news about the job in Tentorium from practicians.

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