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How to order

How to order

Tentorium products. How to order and buy

Dear friends!

Tentorium products are unique, as the bee is.

Thanks for your decision to purchase the natural beekeeping products of the Tentorium company.

пчела тенториум 300x222 How to order

I, Elena Melnik, am sure, that these most valuable products of Tentorium

which are carefully packed in every jar from Tentorium
will bring health into your house
add you cheerfulness and energy

Let the bees’ gifts, which are carefully kept in every jar fromTentorium, will add you strength, energy, and cheerfulness!

Maybe you have tried the Tentorium products or still not familiar with them – you have right to get your order as soon as possible.

How to make an order?

In the given online shop “Tentorium” everyone can purchase products at retail prices, or at wholesale if You have an agreement with the Company.
Moreover, the place (city and country) does not matter for the registration of the agreement Tentorium.
The conditions for getting a discount from Tentorium are HERE.

почта тенториум 300x243 How to order

Unfortunately, I don’t speak English at a good level, so I can’t accept the order by phone.

We ship to all countries


all countries in Europe

and others

We’ll be exchanging letters or talking in chat.

For ordering

интернет магазин тенториум 300x225 How to order

Choose the item, You are interested in, in necessary quantity in online-shop – you will get the confirmation of the order by e-mail.
Please, choose a section in the top menu and the Tentorium product, you are interested in.
In our online-shop Tentorium while selecting products You put them into the cart.
You may always see the content of the cart by clicking the appropriate button.

At any time You may

specify the number of each type of product
clear the cart
and make an order

It’s required to select the delivery method and the payment method
If there are some nuances concerning the order, write them to us.
If You need consultation concerning the number of products or their names – send your order to e-mail and we shall choose exactly what you need.

You may find me by skype: e-tentorium and send your order there. I will answer and will be able to give consultation as soon as I have spare time and when I see your request.

After the order is been finally approved, I count its sum and the sum of delivery, depending on carrier’s tariff.

Orders delivery

доставка тенториум 291x300 How to order

There are 3 ways of delivery in Your country

International delivery by Ukrainian Post service

Plus – the cheapest variant for shipping


Impossible to trace the package when it leaves the territory of Ukraine
Term of delivery is up to 1 month

DHL logistics company 


Well-established logistics system
Delivery of parcels in clearly defined terms, if there are no problems at the custom of your country

Minus – expensive shipping for parcels up to 5 kg

Delivery to Europe by buses, passing through

There are various buses, which pass through Ukraine in different directions, perhaps You live close to one of such routes or I will arrange the arrival exactly to your place.
In given case, the shipping will cost from 10 to 50 Euro.

How to pay for an order?

оплата тенториум 300x237 How to order

You send money by any convenient money transfer system

SWIFT-transfer to the bank account in dollars or euros is up to 3 days
payment by card on the site

Unfortunately, Pay Pal system doesn’t work with Ukraine, so I won’t be able to accept and withdraw money

I immediately get them on my bank card and the next day I send the order.

Be healthy!

Stay with the “Tentorium”!

Always there for you

– Elena

podpis 300x178 How to order

foto How to order

Your agent - Elena Melnik

In order to get consultation on the best solution for you and calculate the price Leave your request - We ourselves will contact you


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