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how can i buy a tentoriym product for eyes?


Hi! I would like to bay tentorium granules. How much cost + shipment to U S A Seattle Washington?


Hi Which product would you like with royal jelly? We can send either by ordinary mail of Ukraine or DHL, but it is much more expensive Select the product you want to receive here or Read here how to order


Hi, can you deliver Royal Jelly to Uae ?


My future mother-in-law advised me the Tentorium cream when I have hurt my leg. I was surprised when the ache vanished within 2 days. The smell is not so pleasant for me, but one may bear for the sake of such an effect! The cream also easily copes with healing of cuts and small wounds. I apply it on skin instead of the cream – it excellently nourishes it and is perfectly absorbed.


Hello, I would like to order the delivery to China?


i am from Macedonija and I like to know how can I order a product from you.


Hello, how can I communicate to you ?


My middle son had enlarged lymph nodes and increased content of erythrocytes in the overall blood count. The ENT-doctor immediately prescribed antibiotics Augmentin. Every day I give children 5 ml of Product 3 and Apihit + various dragee. I increased the intake of Product 3 to 20 ml during 3 consecutive days, then returned to the usual dosage. We didn't drink antibiotics, lymph nodes are not inflamed. The child is healthy.


My elder son always has too dry lips. I smeared by cosmetic balm, it helped for a while. His lips cracked and bleeded. I decided to smear by Pegus to accelerate healing - after 3 days of use - the lips became fresh. I dripped directly on the lips, the son cried, that it hurted because cauterized the wounds, but soon the layer remained, which had healing effect. We are very glad! This product is a real first aid kit at home!


My child has very loose bowels. It’s inflamed and is not healed. From the damage of mucous we were recommended Apibalm 1 Tentorium. We were taking it by 1/3 of the teaspoon 3-4 times a day. Always on an empty stomach in an hour before meals or 2 hours after: always in the morning, as well as before going to sleep and even at night, as exactly at night time the stomach is empty. Today we apply it often and for various needs, it’s already became a kind of a magic wand for us. Formerly there were always bloody excreta in stool. I tried Apibalm in amount of 1/3 of the teaspoon internally, but my child refused to drink it and instead of three times we succeeded to take one in best case. Then I’ve read in internet the following recipe. Microclysters with Apibalm. 2-3 ml, 1-2 times a day. During the daytime sleep and sometimes at night I have invented the next: the special tube worn on the syringe, as it's difficult to introduce 2-3 ml through syringe because you do not know how much there is left in end. And this way I knew exactly how much of it got to the destination. I dipped the tube with a syringe into boiling water to warm it up and then filled it with Apibalm and did clyster of the desired temperature. My daughter did not even wake up during the procedure. So after about few days the bloody excreta disappeared completely! Later, I had several times resorted to the same procedure to treat constipation.


Пью драже Сорбус курсами постоянно. Очень нравится подъем сил и, конечно, вкус. Вся продукция Тенториум очень приятная )) Моя бабушка любит его за противогипертонические свойства.


Hello, Alena. I take an interest your question and I will unsubscribe in the mail. In any case, all the bees products soothe the nervous system and normalizes the brain and other organs. I think that when taking the program, you will be able to see improvements


Hello, Elena! My name is Alena. I stuttered to 4 years (frightened dog). I read on the Russian site tentorium, that honey with mummy treats stuttering. Tell me, how long you need to take the honey composition? I would be grateful for the answer!


Almost on a dare I have ordered the cream with the similar name from one familiar distributor of the Tentorium products. So persistently she proved me that this is a panacea. And I don’t like when something is idealized so much. That’s why I decided to check. I massaged with this cream my sore back. How much I was surprised when the Tentorium cream really delivered me from this nagging pain. At present time I also became the fan of this company!


Me with my son succeeded to get to a miraculous ENT doctor, who prescribed the Api Spira for us. Then it seemed to me that he was simply extorting money and that it was some kind of dietary supplements. But it turned out that the doctor just really wished us health! All our problems with snot had gone! And it seems to me that the dragee stimulates son’s appetite – he began to eat more. And there were times when I was almost running after him with dishes. Exactly beginning with Api Spira we’ve started our acquaintance with the Tentorium products. Thanks to that doctor! Now we do not attend doctors at all! Recommend to all!

Tina Konovalova

I like all the ointments of Tentorium. There are 5 types of them. But since I have no health problems, I apply these creams on my skin. I mix them together - all 5 creams and apply at night on the face. The skin became velvety, freshened, I get compliments from all around. These ointments have a very nice effect.

Olga Nilolaevna

After passing through the course of antibiotics I’ve got dysbiosis and candidiasis, of course the doctors prescribed another bunch of tablets from these side effects and also suppositories. On the recommendation of my acquaintance I've bought Vitus Factor, and tried to make a few suppositories with this ointment. Within 3 days candidiasis was gone as did not happen And there were neither side effects, no burning sensation from the suppositories. Everything passed and recovered in natural way. Thank to the company for such a wonderful ointment!


I have been recently started to feel a strong headache, and the pills did not help, just gave the temporary relief. So, one of my friends somehow gave me Api Cream as a birthday present and advised to apply it on temples. And it really started to help! Api Cream turned out to be the best birthday present!

Leonid Pavlovych

I like all the creams of Tentorium. Chilidonia is my liking, as well as Api Cream. Their natural composition is felt even in smell and is seen with the naked eye.

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