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Shilajit extract Assil

Shilajit extract Assil

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Beekeeping products Tentorium

International beekeeping company exists since 1988
During this time the bee products Tentorium have made a real revolution in sphere of so called alternative medicine
Creating of each product of the company is based on ancient knowledge of our ancestors
These people lived in harmony with nature, knew for sure what herbs, berries or what bee products to apply at particular diseases
The latest technologies, introduced into production Tentorium, allow to keep all the unique properties of honey and other products, which had been got as a gift from nature and from bees in particular
More over, the specialists, working in Tentorium, combine the components of the dragee, creams, balms so skillfully, that their beneficial effect on human’s body is repeatedly increased
Exactly by this way the well-known best selling products Tentorium, such as the aqueous propolis A P V, the pine pitch extract with chitosan ApiHit, the cream Tentorium with bee venom, the dragee with spirulina Api Spira etc. were obtained

Tentorium official web-site and prices

If you are interested in Tentorium: price, content or properties, then all the information about these unique products you may learn here.
Tentorium official web-site in Ukraine – is
To get competent consultations about products Tentorium and to purchase it by attractive price, to read all the feedbacks about its properties you also may here.
Tentorium web-site is always open for You!
Because the mission of the company is – to create qualitative and affordable products for your health.
Being the official representatives of Tentorium, we are glad to support and develop this aspiration by all means

Tentorium in World: USA, Europe and other

There are no people today in countries of the former CIS, who haven’t heard yet about the activity of this company
Products Tentorium in Ukraine exist since 2006
Our department Tentorium Ukraine works online seven days a week without breaks
You can get acquainted with us in Chernovtsy – we’ll be glad to meet
We believe, that You will be satisfied by everything here: prices, assortment, service
We work within all the regions of Ukraine and worldwide: United States of America, Europe and other countries and cities already acquainted with our products
Also, you may download the official catalog Tentorium from the site
As well as to read the articles about each product, to learn its content, feedbacks and properties, to look at the price-list for distributors and retail one, to watch video
Our company help people to restore lost health already for more than quarter of a century
Join us you too!

Your agent - Elena Melnik

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